Mar 16, 2009

DAP MP Suspended - Gobind Singh

At last, the Dewan make the right decision by suspending MP Gobind Sigh Deo (DAP-Puchong) for 12 month. I applause any action any MP's that misbehave. MP's should give good example by the people. The current scenario was not good at all. By accusing someone under the Dewan's Parliament for me its consider "misuse of power" due to some protection or immunity in the Dewan.

The thing is, whatever uttered in the Dewan was actually come out in the paper. So someone or somebody will get hurt & misconception occurs. Which then mislead people. You already put a judgement to someone before the been decide in the court. Its subjudice & improper. The MP should be ashamed of himself considering him as a lawyer.

For me its a good thing that the MP being suspended. At least he can concentrate on the well being of people at his constitution. Maybe, concentrate on realising promises by him or even by PR government itself. Or maybe spend more time with his father. Most of the voter's still can recall the promises made in Puchong area. My suggestion is, get back down to the people your supporters or not.

As Muslim always says, the sin of accused (fitnah) is bigger that killing someone. At least this should be a lesson to all MP's wether its BN or PR. Don't ever accuse someone or think u are immune to any laws.

Update : Interesting comment by timmy (in Malaysian Insider)

PR - Dont be Stupid or Act Stupid

Keep your words & probably people will still keep you in the next General election.

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