Nov 27, 2008

Road Sign/ Papan Tanda Issue ?

Landmarks or ‘papan tanda’. Should we go against or support?

What’s your choice? What’s your stand? Probably for some of us it does not mean anything. But for others it does mean something.

Let us see from Other Perspective shall we.

From one point of view, this additional name (in other language) is actually for tourist attraction & to accommodate the tourist itself. Hm.. If that’s the case two language is not enough. Probably put some ‘France language’ or ‘Sweden language’ or ‘Norwegian language’ etc. Perhaps we should target this kind of tourist since the spending $$$ power is even greater than Indian, Arabs or Chinese Citizen.

On second thought should we go against it? I must say this might seems rather childish to make a fuss such a simple issue. After all, the public should have complained to PBT the used of other language (other than BM or BI) on advertisement & shop signs. Don’t be selective on issues related to politics. It’s been quite a while & if you guys notice there’s a lot of shops it in Johor Bharu or Penang having non-approved signs (other language than BM or BI). The used of fully other language is quite a surprise without action from PBT (Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan).

Well some may say, “its just politics” & some politicised the issue. I think both party politicised the issue. It is two parties trying to get support from the public. They don’t know in a way there making our more split due to this idiotic issue. (I blame both party)

In the mean time, the government should make an amendment of the law on usage of language. Prioritise national language & make it compulsory. Maybe some exception can be given to certain areas for other areas. Make it a clear guideline & discuss. When it been gazetted then nobody can question it. I think this in a way will clear the problem. Now there are a lot of grey areas & different people interpret their own way.

Honestly, I’m against the suggestion. For me why we make something out of nothing? What bring it up? It’s like installing a toilet in the middle of public areas. Some will be against it & of course upset people. And some will be supporting even though they are not suggested or used one. But at the end of the day you can make both parties happy by not having one. Just scarp the idea.

Why not? Case close right? comments


  1. Jin Buragas28/11/08 5:02 PM

    Laaa... ari tu bukan main lantang menegakkan perlembagaan malaysia pasai bahasa kebangsaan.

    tum tum tum, dok guna bahasa inggeris jugak. Dah tu berteraboq plak...

    wakakaka... kah kah kah... sakit peyut aku dok tahan gelak nih.

  2. Inila org melayu. Bila kita try dok belajaq bahasa lain, try tulis bahasa lain utk meningkat kan kekuatan penggunaan bahasa lain depa perli baik punya.

    Cuba baca balik artikel saya. Ya, i'm against the used of other language.

    p/s: aiman x kisah.

  3. Jin Buragas2/12/08 12:34 PM

    Citer dia mudah saja...

    Lain kali jgn dok bercakap tak tentu hala. Tanya diri sendiri dulu sebelum nak bercakap takut-takut kena diri batang hidung sendiri. Eloklah kalau dah sedaq kepentingan bahasa lain selain bahasa kebangsaan hang tu

  4. Hehe. Sahabat.
    Tak nak tanya ka sbb apa dlm blog cek ni cek buat dlm dwi-bahasa.

    Itulah x berpegang pada sirah & sunnah rasul. X dinafikan cek mmg teguh patuh & berpegang pada Bahasa Kebangsaan. Ttp kalo hang x perasan blog ni bukan shj utk org melayu, malaysia malah luar negara. Bukannya blog ni ckp politik ja. Tp byk benda.

    Ada masa tgk balik posting blog cek.

    p/s: payah ckp dgn org yg selalu mmpolitikkan isu.. (buatla website kalo dah baguih sgt)