Nov 8, 2008

Langkawi Eagle's Nest & Hole in the Wall

When i edited my blog today i realise that one thing that I've not done. What is it anyway?

I've not touch my beloved village or in malay words "kampung". There's so much of it to explore in my home village. Yes a lot. I will try from time to time elaborate bit by bit about my beloved village.

Among the famous place for tourist for Arabs & tourist is KILIM River. This is where the eagles of Langkawi breed, feed & spend most of their times catching fish & also chicken which been drop by tourist. The excellent experience of to look these nature's endangered species is priceless especially for tourist which never seen one.

Not to forget the exotic floating Restaurant Hole in the Wall. It is part of the amazing scenery of the Kilim Mangrove Forest and its surrounding is so impressive that it is hard to describe only with words. Excellent destination for travellers for a great seafood lunch & also romantic candle light dinner (booking required).
Special thanks to authority & MP of Langkawi Dato' Abu Bakar Taib which promoted this tourist spots which also increases income for the local people. The deck which been sponsored by him were always been used by tourist to have a closer look to the surrounding eagle's feeding ground. comments

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