Nov 17, 2008

Education. Are we in the right direction?

We always been talking about unity & bangsa malaysia.

But there's simple issue which will effect unity still there. We must acknowledge this unity must start from the beginning of schooldays or from young generations.

I'm going to talk about Sek Jenis Kebangsaan. Many might not agreed on what i said but it is the fact that all must think deeply with an open heath.

The schools make us apart in a way & we tend to be not mixed with each other. Imagine that we tends to be separated in the beginning. I must say that the current school system is a good reason the rift between races is so big as now.

Even worst nowdays, where 90% of non-malays tends to send their kids to this kind school. So think about it when will your kids blend with others. If this simple thing cannot start from the beginning, when can we start then?

I'm not sure how old are you or where do u learn during your old days. But for me i venture having friends with different races in those days. Those friends still stick up till now. This is among simple unity which will breed up till we grow.

To think about it ? when do we tend to have mixed friends. It is either from university or at work. Why can't we start from the beginning. Which is from school days. Not that i'm against the Sek Jenis Kebangsaan thing but this actually will segregate the community.

I suggested we implement a single streamlined school system but give everyone the option to learn Chinese and/or Tamil regardless of race. We need to more or less help to close our gaps between races. Strengthen our brotherhood & at least make us less prejudice between each other. What's the point having bangsa malaysia if still we prioritise motherland tongue rather that interest of malaysia.

By separating our kids wont help in the long run. We can start with our children. Children cannot distinguish between races (just like the Petronas advertisement). . Kids will become awkward when confronting other kids.

Ask yourself ? How in the oldays u were raise. Maybe bloggers within my age are lucky to have mixed culture due to this Sek KEbangsaan is not that famous in oldays. But nowdays, its become a trend especially in Suburbs. comments


  1. Salam hormat…

    Allow me to express my feeling and/or view towards the direction of our education system. I would agree with your posting on way of promoting unity among races in Malaysia which should begin from primary school. It is in line with the proverb of courtesy begin at home.

    However, due to some political interest by those who claim to be United Malays National Organization, these morons are the one who put our unity into jeopardy. They are playing the repeated issue on “keTUAnan meLAYU” which it should be read as “ketuanan” um-NO.

    Until now, I do enjoy having good friends from different races and background. In fact, my study group mixed with all races including those from East Malaysia. I love the way all races in Langkawi care for each other. Why should be destroy it just because of stupidity of um-NO?

    Frankly speaking, I don’t trust um-NO anymore to protect our so-called keTUAnan um-NO as they could not guarantee the future with just being rhetoric. In this world nowadays, its all about MERIT. I don’t care & even botherif they are yelling about national language. In actual fact, if you apply for a job without being able to communicate in English or computer blind for example even high CGPA, you will end-up holding a lowest position namely production operator. I have a diploma in accountancy holder who just suitable to be senior cashier only due to reasons.

    I will make sure my kid is a well-versed English speaking student who is able to correct his teacher. Go to hell with those morons who never think about the future of their children. Who care? They just cannot accept the real fact of today’s situation.

    If our education is moving towards the right direction, why those morons rubber-stamp leaders are sending their children to study in private school be in the country or oversea? Ask Hishamudin Keris…

    Bukan apa, nak bagi elokkk…


    p/s: started education fund for my boy…

  2. Sang Tuba,

    I respect your thought on the issue i arise. You may have some point on your says.

    But, i cannot relate how can UMNO can be blame for this unhealthy sentiment (unity). Its odd u know, this unity now seems become an issue after this PRU-12. Not before that. Why now ppl blame UMNO?

    I want to draw out some of the point by Tun. "Truly Malaysian politics have not been decoupled from racial sentiments and loyalties. And it is going to remain so for as long as the different races prefer to be separated and divided, prefer to strongly uphold their languages, cultures and their historical origins and links. All that is said about reforms and liberalism is mere lip service."

    Well.. for me The basic or foundation of Malaysia shall be acknowledge & follows as long as other citizen right will not be in jeopardy.

    Going back to the subject. The early liberation or unity is crucial in order for us to have great balance of race relationship in years to come.

    So why not we start from the start?
    School days