Nov 11, 2008

Cheaper 'Roti'.. Does it makes any different.

Its the headline of the day. :) Why am i not surprise at all.

The price of fuel already came done at least 70 cent. But roti & teh tarik price drop only around 10-20 cent. Is this the best that the 200 restaurant can come up. The price should be at least the same as before. I'm surprise now days how much RM 1.00 is no longer invalid in restaurants or mamak stall. Even teh tarik will be around RM 1.20 now days.
If u think about it, its quite difficult to get a decent meal with drink in KL or Selangor with around RM 5.00 budget. I always venture the time when i get back to my hometown in Langkawi Island & enjoy all the great food with affordable price.
Who to blame then? Is it the government?
Nah don't be like the opposition. Blame everything to the government. (that's another different story)

Blame the supermarkets & groceries shop?
Well for the groceries shop they are talking about blaming the supermarket giving them hard times. I applause supermarkets given consumers great price slash even though they are actually 'main wayang' on the price. (One price down others went up) But of course the customer don't realise that.

Who to blame then?
The answer is OURSELF..
Why? We have a choice to choose which place to shop, eat, & even where do we have nice chit-chat with our friends or like we always says "lepak" at mamak stall.

But even if we realise it, we still goes to the same place all over again & end up complaining.

Then stop blaming other for our misfortune! Grow UP.. (Same goes to me as well).

Suggestion :-
The newspaper as voice of the people must make a campaign to publish restaurants & 'gerai makan' which having a low price tags. These should encourage others to follow their steps to provide good meals with decent price. ONly my two cents.

Any newspapers dare to Take the challenge.

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