Oct 15, 2008

Singapore Taxi's...

Back & forth again. Been to the neighbouring country for work purposes. Well, there's several feeling when i across the border but this time through a taxi cab from Johor. I don't know why but everytime when i reach Singapore borders my feelings are different. Maybe due to the fact that during those Sept 11 i encountered a not very good Singapore entry experience. Uncertainty, not relaxed & insecure that's how i feel.

As usual my normal means of transportation were Taxi's. There's city cab, yellow cab & other small ones which i can't remember the names. Quite a lot though. Its really a lot. One of the drivers claimed that it reached 20,000-30,000 cabs throughout Singapore. A lot huh'. Well, how to they make profit by having such a numbers of cabs. The answer is they don't. They've been through hard times trying to make decent money. Why ? Let me list out some of the problems they're facing.

- Stiff competition between cab companies. (numbers too great)
- Tolls are everywhere. ERP, MTP etc (I'm not what the correct names is). These will hinders local users to used cabs due to the charges will be bourned by the riders. Imagine to use a short stretch of a road 1km in the town will cost u $1-$1.50 dollar dependent on entry time.
- Taxi driver do not own the car. They rent the car. The rent are estimated between $180-$250 Spore Dollar per day. It means the car must be on the road & earns more than that to gain something. Not to include fuel etc2.
- Most of the taxi driver works on shifts. Which is 12hours per shift. So it means that the taxi nearly works 24 7. That's the reason why taxi's will be scrap after 5 years.
- Other means of transportation is cheaper & faster. Locals tend to used other means of transportation due to this. So there's only left foreigners, high income people & tourist like myself using this mode of transportation.

In comparison, i will compare service of Singapore Taxi's Vs Malaysian Taxi's. These are the things which Malaysian taxi's may want to copy & used it in Malaysia. Or what i must say improvement.

- Prompt billing & meter used no matter what. Receipt is printed not sign by hard copy.
- Friendly ambient & helpful. One taxi driver come to the extend showing me the HDB apartment of my friends i visit.
- Will asked the passengers permission to used tolled route or whatever route. (This will be charged to passengers accordingly)
- Automatic surcharge will be imposed to passengers during peak hours or at night. But the surcharge will be known to passengers on the meter once u get in. Its not something they asked. Its a procedure or guideline they must follow.

I really hope that one day our taxi standards will be at par to Singapore taxi's. Why? Taxi's is actually as our tourist guide. Impression to them reflects impression to the country's image.


  1. Salam hormat...

    Comparing S'pore and Malaysia taxi service is just like comparing ocean floor & upper sky. In fact we cannot compare the services at all.

    Just look at the issues raised, comment made by various people about the taxi service in Malaysia. Any action taken? I say NATO (No Action Talk Only).

    I would invite you to experience the services rendered by taxi drivers in Langkawi which I think you should know better than me.

    How long already the issues have been raised with lot of meetings (until beras tinggal tin) been held, the outcome still same, NATO!!!...

    It takes a great political will to overcome this issues in which do they have it? The answer is NO, THEY DON'T HAVE. We have to live with it.

    Bukan apa, nak bagi elokkk...


    p/s: kiter lunch duluuuuuu

  2. Agree on the comments by u regarding Langkawi's Taxi.. Seems that association & authorities not implimenting the system right. This will only draw back the feedback on our beloved island but as a set back to Tourism industry..

    Wish we can do something? act maybe...