Oct 9, 2008

Hindraf & Hari Raya

1st I would like to apologize to Indian friends & blogger that support hindraf. The act of some hindraf supporters recently really shock me. And also make me have double though on the "Pertubuhan Haram Hindraf". Yes, as in the Akta Pertubuhan Hindraf is still a non-registered Organisation.

For me this pertubuhan is same like Al-Maunah, Al-Arqam & other related pertubuhan that the government banned. Though actually the government is quite lineant on this movement. If its the era of Tuns M i bet they will get caught even before the protest begins.

Anyway not to divert what i want to say today. I've quite disappointed on that day (1st Syawal) which supposed to be the celebration day for Muslims was been tainted with the incident. Never in 51 years of our independent such incident had happened.

& Yes of course Muslims are anger. No need to blame Utusan or media. The question is such event taken place in the holy day for Muslims. For majority of Muslims, we cannot tolerate this for whatever reason is.

Hopefully this kind of event will be the last. comments


  1. Salam hormat...

    I have mix standing on this issue that is agree and disagree with Hindraf action.

    However, I shall reserve it until I have detail information on their action.

    Currently, we only rely on information from media which clearly give a report to suit their interest where I believe the element of bias is there.

    On the other hand, I'm too were quite disagree with Hindraf action during the said Aidil Fitri open house for taking advantage during our holy day namely on their dress code. The rest namely on their earlier notification, no of supporters attended are okey for me.

    Above all, we must seek detail on what transpired during the day itself.

    Bukan apa, nak bagi elokkk...


    p/s: kekadang simpati, kekadang meluat...

  2. Today's news paper really makes me relief.. Finally.. action been taken to Hindraf.. Not that i'm against anyone. As i've mention earlier this movement is actually have a capacity to shake the countries harmony & peace. By right action should be taken long ago..

    But perhap's its a good time either.