Nov 27, 2008

Road Sign/ Papan Tanda Issue ?

Landmarks or ‘papan tanda’. Should we go against or support?

What’s your choice? What’s your stand? Probably for some of us it does not mean anything. But for others it does mean something.

Let us see from Other Perspective shall we.

From one point of view, this additional name (in other language) is actually for tourist attraction & to accommodate the tourist itself. Hm.. If that’s the case two language is not enough. Probably put some ‘France language’ or ‘Sweden language’ or ‘Norwegian language’ etc. Perhaps we should target this kind of tourist since the spending $$$ power is even greater than Indian, Arabs or Chinese Citizen.

On second thought should we go against it? I must say this might seems rather childish to make a fuss such a simple issue. After all, the public should have complained to PBT the used of other language (other than BM or BI) on advertisement & shop signs. Don’t be selective on issues related to politics. It’s been quite a while & if you guys notice there’s a lot of shops it in Johor Bharu or Penang having non-approved signs (other language than BM or BI). The used of fully other language is quite a surprise without action from PBT (Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan).

Well some may say, “its just politics” & some politicised the issue. I think both party politicised the issue. It is two parties trying to get support from the public. They don’t know in a way there making our more split due to this idiotic issue. (I blame both party)

In the mean time, the government should make an amendment of the law on usage of language. Prioritise national language & make it compulsory. Maybe some exception can be given to certain areas for other areas. Make it a clear guideline & discuss. When it been gazetted then nobody can question it. I think this in a way will clear the problem. Now there are a lot of grey areas & different people interpret their own way.

Honestly, I’m against the suggestion. For me why we make something out of nothing? What bring it up? It’s like installing a toilet in the middle of public areas. Some will be against it & of course upset people. And some will be supporting even though they are not suggested or used one. But at the end of the day you can make both parties happy by not having one. Just scarp the idea.

Why not? Case close right? comments

Nov 22, 2008

TAx : Cukai Pendapatan 2008

Penghujung tahun telah menghampiri kita antara sedar @ tidak. Tahun 2009 yg ditunggu2 akan tiba dgn seribu satu macam cabaran & persoalan. Begitu juga dgn cukai taksiran/ cukai pendapatan. Jangan dilupa yg kita hanya ada 2 bulan saja lagi untuk menuntut @ menggunakan peruntukan dalam akta cukai pendapat untuk mendapatkan pelepasan semaksimum yg mungkin.

Berikut antara pelepasan yang mungkin boleh digunakan semaksimumnya oleh pembayar cukai.

1- Pembelian Buku, Majalah & Journal
--- Jgn lupa simpan resit (mungkin LHDN akan tanya kelak)

2- Komputer
--- Pengecualian setiap 3 tahun dgn jumlah RM 3,000.00

3- SSPN (Skim Simpanan Pendidikan Nasional)
--- Untuk membiayai pelajaran anak-anak diberi potongan kepada
individu terhad kepada RM3,000 setahun. Senang sahaja nak pohon, pergi ke wakil SSPN (cthnya :- BSN, PNB dll) cuma bawak :-
i) Salinan Mykad Pendeposit (bapa/ emak)
ii) Salinan Mykad penerima & sijil kelahiran penerima manfaat. (anak)

4- Full medical Checkup.
--- Pengecualian diberikan kepada anak, suami & isteri maksimum RM 500.00

5- Zakat
--- Seperti yg diketahui individu islam boleh memotong cukai dgn zakat pendapatan. Jadi sama2 lah kita bayar zakat. Zakat merupakan Wajib & dosa amat besar jika tidak dibayar. Utk mengetahui lebih lanjut tentang bagaimana zakat diagihkan kepada rakyat sila lihat posting Zakat.

Sekadar ingin berkongsi hak-hak kita sebagai pembayar cukai & bagaimana untuk mengurangkan pembayaran cukai sbyk mungkin. Ye tak ye kan. Nnti komplen pulak bayaq cukai byk sangat. :)
p/s :- Angka2 dalam carta diatas berdasarkan cukai taksiran 2007. Mungkin ada sedikit perubahan dlm angka2 tersebut.
Untuk tahu lebih lanjut tentang cukai pendapat sila lawat

Nov 19, 2008

Durian "King of the Fruit"

Why we call durian king of the fruit.

Why am i talking about durian in my blog? :) I'm not sure why.

Probably some of you can guess why.
You know why?

I'm sick & tired of the quarrel by PR & BN. BN with the internal problem & PR with non-stopping ambitious power hunger plan. Start working lah!

Maybe its time for new party emerged from no where. Which share same common ground (but please based on Perlembagaan Negara). Maybe they can name it as Durian Parti.

A lot torn outside but sweet inside. Smells might not good but lovable by everyone (Malaysian Lah)

Nov 17, 2008

Education. Are we in the right direction?

We always been talking about unity & bangsa malaysia.

But there's simple issue which will effect unity still there. We must acknowledge this unity must start from the beginning of schooldays or from young generations.

I'm going to talk about Sek Jenis Kebangsaan. Many might not agreed on what i said but it is the fact that all must think deeply with an open heath.

The schools make us apart in a way & we tend to be not mixed with each other. Imagine that we tends to be separated in the beginning. I must say that the current school system is a good reason the rift between races is so big as now.

Even worst nowdays, where 90% of non-malays tends to send their kids to this kind school. So think about it when will your kids blend with others. If this simple thing cannot start from the beginning, when can we start then?

I'm not sure how old are you or where do u learn during your old days. But for me i venture having friends with different races in those days. Those friends still stick up till now. This is among simple unity which will breed up till we grow.

To think about it ? when do we tend to have mixed friends. It is either from university or at work. Why can't we start from the beginning. Which is from school days. Not that i'm against the Sek Jenis Kebangsaan thing but this actually will segregate the community.

I suggested we implement a single streamlined school system but give everyone the option to learn Chinese and/or Tamil regardless of race. We need to more or less help to close our gaps between races. Strengthen our brotherhood & at least make us less prejudice between each other. What's the point having bangsa malaysia if still we prioritise motherland tongue rather that interest of malaysia.

By separating our kids wont help in the long run. We can start with our children. Children cannot distinguish between races (just like the Petronas advertisement). . Kids will become awkward when confronting other kids.

Ask yourself ? How in the oldays u were raise. Maybe bloggers within my age are lucky to have mixed culture due to this Sek KEbangsaan is not that famous in oldays. But nowdays, its become a trend especially in Suburbs. comments

Nov 13, 2008

Melayu paling ramai pendapatan bawah RM1,000

KUALA LUMPUR 11 Nov.(Utusan) – Kaum Melayu merupakan kumpulan terbesar dalam senarai penduduk negara ini yang pendapatannya di bawah RM1,000 sebulan.
Timbalan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk S. K. Devamany berkata, berdasarkan Penyiasatan Pendapatan Isi Rumah (HIS) yang dijalankan Jabatan Perangkaan Malaysia pada tahun lalu, sebanyak 301,000 isi rumah kaum Melayu memperoleh pendapatan di bawah RM1,000 sebulan.

‘‘Sebanyak 495,500 isi rumah yang mempunyai pendapatan di bawah RM1,000 sebulan secara keseluruhannya.

‘‘Pecahan itu merangkumi 50,900 isi rumah kaum Cina, India (29,000), Kadazan (29,300), Orang Asli (7,500) dan lain-lain (78,800),” katanya semasa menjawab soalan Dr. Micheal Jeyakumar Devraj (PKR- Sungai Siput) pada sidang Dewan Rakyat hari ini.

Other Perspektif :-

Daripada kajian ini terbukti org2 Melayu antara yg paling terkebelakang dlm soal ekonomi. Ternyata dasar kerajaan @ DEB utk mencapai mencapai target masih jauh dr kenyataan.

Jika difikirkan @ mengikut skala paras garis kemiskinan di Selangor bermakna terdapat 496,500 HIS (household income survey) dibawah paras kemiskinan & bermakna juga terdapat 301,000 org2 melayu dikategorikan sbg miskin (jumlahnya 5 kali ganda dgn kaum cina).

Jika dilihat secara keseluruhan Melayu pemenang kategori HIS RM 1,001 - RM 2,000 berjumlah 976,500. Dan juga pemenang kepada kategori dibawah paras RM 1,001.
Kaum india, kadazan & lain-lain majoritinya didlm lingkungan gaji RM 1,001 - RM 2,000.
Kaum cina pula pemenang kepada kategori (HIS) RM 5,001 - RM 10,000.

Kenapa jadi begini. Adakah DEB patut dipersalahkan? atau BN dan perlaksanaan DEB? atau salah kaum bumiputera sendiri.

Apa2 pun statistik ini menunjukkan DEB atau Bumiputera masih di perlukan bagi mengurangkan jarak ekonomi antara kaum.

Nov 11, 2008

Cheaper 'Roti'.. Does it makes any different.

Its the headline of the day. :) Why am i not surprise at all.

The price of fuel already came done at least 70 cent. But roti & teh tarik price drop only around 10-20 cent. Is this the best that the 200 restaurant can come up. The price should be at least the same as before. I'm surprise now days how much RM 1.00 is no longer invalid in restaurants or mamak stall. Even teh tarik will be around RM 1.20 now days.
If u think about it, its quite difficult to get a decent meal with drink in KL or Selangor with around RM 5.00 budget. I always venture the time when i get back to my hometown in Langkawi Island & enjoy all the great food with affordable price.
Who to blame then? Is it the government?
Nah don't be like the opposition. Blame everything to the government. (that's another different story)

Blame the supermarkets & groceries shop?
Well for the groceries shop they are talking about blaming the supermarket giving them hard times. I applause supermarkets given consumers great price slash even though they are actually 'main wayang' on the price. (One price down others went up) But of course the customer don't realise that.

Who to blame then?
The answer is OURSELF..
Why? We have a choice to choose which place to shop, eat, & even where do we have nice chit-chat with our friends or like we always says "lepak" at mamak stall.

But even if we realise it, we still goes to the same place all over again & end up complaining.

Then stop blaming other for our misfortune! Grow UP.. (Same goes to me as well).

Suggestion :-
The newspaper as voice of the people must make a campaign to publish restaurants & 'gerai makan' which having a low price tags. These should encourage others to follow their steps to provide good meals with decent price. ONly my two cents.

Any newspapers dare to Take the challenge.

Nov 10, 2008

Singapura belum sedia pilih PM bukan Cina – Hsien Loong

SINGAPURA 9 Nov. – Perdana Menteri Singapura, Lee Hsien Loong berpendapat republik ini yang mempunyai penduduk berbilang kaum berjumlah lebih 3.5 juta orang, belum bersedia untuk memilih Perdana Menteri bukan Cina dalam tempoh terdekat.

Hsien Loong membuat kenyataan itu semalam semasa dialog dengan anggota masyarakat Melayu di sini sebagai menjawab soalan sama ada pemilihan Barack Obama sebagai Presiden kulit hitam pertama Amerika Syarikat (AS) bermakna anggota kaum minoriti di negara ini juga berpeluang untuk menjadi Perdana Menteri.

“Kemungkinannya ada, ini bergantung kepada cara penduduk mengundi dan siapa yang mendapat keyakinan rakyat.“Adakah ini akan berlaku tidak lama lagi? Saya tidak fikir begitu kerana seseorang perlu memenangi undi,” kata Hsien Loong menurut laporan akhbar Sunday Times hari ini.Beliau berkata, sentimen yang mendorong seseorang mengundi calon tertentu akan memakan masa yang lama untuk hapus sama sekali.

Kira-kira 75 peratus daripada 3.64 juta penduduk tetap Singapura ialah kaum Cina, sementara hampir 14 peratus merupakan kaum Melayu dan sembilan peratus lagi kaum India.Jawatan Presiden Singapura yang tidak memiliki kuasa sebenar disandang oleh seorang yang berketurunan India.

Seorang daripada dua Timbalan Perdana Menteri Singapura serta tiga menteri dalam Kabinet Hsien Loong juga daripada kaum India.
Other Perspektif :---

Tidak terkejut mendengar kenyataan berikut drpd PM Singapura. Inilah bakal jadinya pada Malaysia jika Hak Keistimewaan Org Melayu dihapuskan. Sedih melihat negara yg mempunyai 14% Kaum Melayu dinafikan hak utk sama2 memerintah negara. Tidak seorg pun Menteri Kabinet daripada Kaum Minoriti. Jika dibandingkan dgn Malaysia kaum minoriti lebih bertuah. Disamping mempunyai ramai yg memegang portfolia Menteri mereka juga memegang banyak jawatan dlm badan kerajaan, Kerajaan negeri & lain-lain. Mestipun MP kaum lain (BN) kalah teruk dlm PRU-12 kerajaan masih tidak mengusik kuota kaum atas dasar semangat setiakawan. Tetapi madu dibalas tuba.

Kerajaan singapura juga tidak sebebas yg disangka. Disamping mengamalkan ISA di negaranya juga (targetnya byk kepada org Islam) negaranya juga tidak mengamalkan hak kebebasan bersuara. Tgklah bagaimana JB Jeyaretnam (seorg Opposition fighter) telah beberapa kali bankrup di saman oleh kerabat2 LeeKuanYew. Tetapi apakan daya itu cara mereka. Tetapi sekarang dengan bangganya menjadi ikutan pula oleh sesetengah MP di Malaysia sendiri (yg kononnya fight for fredom of press)..

Akhir kata.. Renunglah kata2 PM Singapura & inilah sepatutnya jawapan PM Malaysia jika ditanya soalan serupa. Kepada non-malay friends, maaf kerana terpaksa bersuara soal ini. Tetapi inilah hakikatnya & inilah yg ditakuti oleh org melayu.

Seorg melayu Singapura pernah berkata kepada saya "Lihatlah kami seperti menumpang di negara sendiri, jgnlah jadi begini di Malaysia"... "Walau apapun pun jangan sesekali pergadaikan hak anta di Malaysia!!"

Nov 9, 2008

Mapex 2008 & National Graduate CaReer Carnival 2008

I end my weekend with attending two different event at MegaMall. Actually the true reason i went there was to accompany my friend in hoping to hunt for an affordable property for himself.

Unfortunately, after nearly 2 hours walking around the MAPEX exhibition centre we realise something. It's quite impossible to get an affordable property now days. Most of the property ranges 200k above for condos & apartments, 450k above for landed properties. However, in the mist of the upset we manage to meet developer of apartment which price more or less around his budget. One is in Kajang (about 10km away from Kajang itself) & one is near the border of Shah Alam Klang (JPJ & Puspakom Batu 13). Unfortunately both are far away from civilisation & basic transportation need such as LRT, Komuter or etc2.

Among the developers involved are I&P, Mutiara Rini, Platinum Victory, Sunway City & many more. The government agency involved are Kementerian Pelancongan, Kementerian Perumahan & Kerajaan Tempatan & Perbendaharaan Malaysia. Non-developers include USM, I-Property & Ho Chin Soon Research (with nice details maps seller). Not to forget the banks which one of the pretty ladies managed force me to sign up with their credit card application (which i will cut it anyway when it arrived).
When the hopes seems to fade we went out the MAPEX 2008 & head to another event which is National Graduate Career Carnival 2008. Maybe this will cheer him up i think (a lot of young beautiful graduates among the visitors).

Its quite a surprise with the turn up. A lot of grads & students. Its a great & happening event. Seems that all the visitors were well dressed & some managed to slip through an interview session with the companies participating.

Among the company involved were Aker Solutions, CCM, Telekom, Perodua, Ann Joo, Walton International, Scomi, Mox & many more. Some University also taking the chance to offer Msc & Phd (UTP, USM, UIA).
I must say its a great & marvelous event which gives great opportunity to graduates. I never thought there's a lot of jobs out there. Anyway, by pretending being one of the job seekers i fill in the forms & also managed to have chat with company representative (but not to the extend of attending interview). I think my friend was more thrill about this event. He managed to talk to some Oil & Gase company which he's interested & was also been invited to drop/ email them a CV (since what's he's doing right now is similar to the current vacancies).

After observation of this two great event i realise something. Most of the participants coming to the MAPEX are non-bumi's & most of participants in Career Carnival were Bumi's. Not that i want to be particular about it. But, Its the fact. I observed it myself. There's a lot of differences. I can see most of the sales for high price $$ properties were non-bumi's buyers. Even the middle class properties were mostly sold to non-bumi customers. Its seems that the bumi's purchasing power still very low. I can see the the property which priced 100k below packed with bumi's & some Indians.

Opposite to that, the graduate carnival were pack with quite balance number of every races. Of course the bumi's were slightly higher in number.

Final Notes: -

Whatever it is, i would like to congratulate the organiser of MAPEX 2008 which is REHDA & supported by Kementerian Perumahan & Kerajaan Tempatan for a great event. I also congratulate the organiser of National Graduate Career Carnival 2008 which is Ministry of Higher Education & supported by Kementerial Sumber Manusia/ Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia/ Pemuda UMNO for a great opportunity for graduates & to be workers.

May this two kind of event shall be made regularly. BRaVo!!

Nov 8, 2008

Langkawi Eagle's Nest & Hole in the Wall

When i edited my blog today i realise that one thing that I've not done. What is it anyway?

I've not touch my beloved village or in malay words "kampung". There's so much of it to explore in my home village. Yes a lot. I will try from time to time elaborate bit by bit about my beloved village.

Among the famous place for tourist for Arabs & tourist is KILIM River. This is where the eagles of Langkawi breed, feed & spend most of their times catching fish & also chicken which been drop by tourist. The excellent experience of to look these nature's endangered species is priceless especially for tourist which never seen one.

Not to forget the exotic floating Restaurant Hole in the Wall. It is part of the amazing scenery of the Kilim Mangrove Forest and its surrounding is so impressive that it is hard to describe only with words. Excellent destination for travellers for a great seafood lunch & also romantic candle light dinner (booking required).
Special thanks to authority & MP of Langkawi Dato' Abu Bakar Taib which promoted this tourist spots which also increases income for the local people. The deck which been sponsored by him were always been used by tourist to have a closer look to the surrounding eagle's feeding ground. comments

Nov 7, 2008

Adakah Kita Terlupa Membayar ZakaT @ buat2 Lupa?

Tahukah saudara zakat merupakan RUkun Islam & Wajib ditunaikan..

"Dan dirikanlah oleh kamu akan sembahyang serta berilah zakat; & taatlah kamu kepada Rasul ALLah; supaya kamu beroleh rahmat." an-Nur 24:25

1/8 dr zakat kita mmpu meringankan beban mereka..(fakir miskin picture)

Apabila Seseorg itu berzakat dia sebenarnya telah mmbersihkn harta yg dimiliki, firman ALLAH S.W.T yg bermaksud :-

"Ambillah sebahagian drpd harta mereka menjadi sedekah, supaya dengannya engkau membersihkn mereka & menyucikan mereka & doaknlah utk mereka, sesungguhnya doamu itu menjadi ketenteraman bg mereka. Dan (ingatlah) Allah Maha Mendengar, lagi Maha Mengetahui". at-Taubah 9:103

Utk pengetahuan rakan2 pada tahun ini nisab bagi negeri Selangor adalah RM 6,400. Bermakna jika gaji kita melebihi paras tersebut ada kemungkinan kita perlu dibayar zakat..

Bukan utk menjadi pakar ttg zakat tapi hanya mahu mengingatkan rakan2 tanggungjawab kita sbg umat islam..

Sepanjang perbualan dgn Agen Zakat saya diberitahu jumlah kutipan zakat up to Date adalah 200 juta.. Bayangkn.. Betapa kecil jumlah tersebut berbanding umat islam keseluruhan negeri Selangor.. & diberitahu pula kutipan tersebut merupakan yg tertinggi dlm kesemua negeri di Malaysia...

Zakat2 Pula akan di agihkan kepada 8 bahagian :-

1. Fakir
2. Miskin
3. Amil
4. Mualaf
5. Fisabilillah
6. Gharim
7. Ibnu Sabil
8. Riqab

Bermakna 1/8 drp 200 juta yg dikumpul akan dibahagi2 kan kepada bahagian2 diatas..

Antara yg menjadi antara bantuan oleh zakat adalah "Bantuan Pesakit Kronik".. Seperti pusat dialisis utk pesakit buah pinggang..

p/s: diharap info2 yg diberikan ini dapat menyedarkan mana2 pihak yg belum menunaikan zakat pendapatan tahun ini,,

Utk Lebih info...


Nov 6, 2008

RM7 Billion for Rakyat..

Dato Seri Najibs announcement of the RM 7 billion package was actually a surprise to all of us. Especially low income people, middle people, government servant & overall all rakyat malaysia. I really support the move even though the opposition were opposing the excellent 'durian runtuh'.

Why we should make a fuss about a planned that will benefit the rakyat. I think that's what they fighting for? its for the rakyat. They should support the government move & plan.

By now politicians should set aside political agenda & really work hard for the beloved country.

The things which is good shall be supported & the opposite shall be opposed.


Nov 3, 2008

Menyokong Deklarasi Janda Baik

Dengan ini dimaklumkan, jurublog Other Perspektif menyatakan sokongan yang tidak berbelah bagi kepada Deklarasi Janda Baik yang diisytiharkan hari ini, Oktober 25hb, 2008 di Wadi Hussein, Janda Baik, Bentong, Pahang.

[Sila baca laporan blog Merah Tinta MSO di sini mengenai Deklarasi ini.]

Mohon anda yang menyokong Pengisytiharan ini menyatakan sokongan anda di dalam ruang komentar blog ini.

Bagi jurublog-jurublog lain, pohon "tiru dan tampal" deklarasi berikut ke blog anda.
DEKLARASI JANDA BAIK Memandangkan keadaan politik negara yang gawat, cabaran dan gugatan terhadap kepimpinan Melayu yang lemah oleh pihak-pihak tertentu, dari dalam dan luar negara serta keadaan ekonomi dunia yang kucar kacir dewasa ini, maka KAMI, para penulis, wartawan dan blogger yang prihatin terhadap nasib Bangsa, Agama dan Tanah Air, yang bersidang di Janda Baik, Pahang mengambil sikap dan pendirian seperti berikut:-

1. KAMI mendesak dan menuntut agar para pemimpin Melayu dari berbagai fahaman politik mengembelengkan tenaga, kerjasama dan buah fikiran demi mempertahankan keluhuran dan kekeramatan PERLEMBAGAAN MALAYSIA TANPA KOMPROMI.

2. KAMI memberi amaran kepada para pemimpin politik Melayu dari semua fahaman ideologi agar jangan menjadi pemimpin Pak Pandir yang hanya
menang sorak tetapi kampung halaman dan negara terjual kepada pihak asing.

3. KAMI juga memberi amaran keras kepada pihak-pihak tertentu yang memainkan sentimen perkauman dan mempertikaikan HAK ISTIMEWA MELAYU sepertimana yang termaktub dalam PERLEMBAGAAN NEGARA agar jangan mencetuskan permusuhan antara kaum, antara agama dan antara budaya oleh kerana mereka menganggap kepimpinan Melayu lemah dan boleh diperdagangkan untuk memenuhi agenda perkauman mereka.

4. KAMI juga memberi amaran keras kepada para pemimpin Melayu, khasnya UMNO, agar mereka jangan menjadi pengkhianat BANGSA, AGAMA DAN TANAH AIR hanya kerana didorong oleh nafsu kekayaan kebendaan, kuasa yang dipinjamkan Allah, hingga melupai tanggungjawab mereka terhadap generasi Melayu akan datang.

5. KAMI menggesa seluruh umat Melayu yang menjadi para pejuang BANGSA, AGAMA DAN TANAHAIR tanpa mengira aliran politik agar memilih barisan pemimpin mereka yang terbaik dan bersih dari korupsi, berbagai skandal yang memalukan, yang berwibawa, berilmu dan berjiwa dinamik untuk menerajui kerajaan dan badan-badan amanah lainnya.

6. KAMI memberi peringatan dan teguran ikhlas bahawa UMNO mesti melakukan revolusi mental dan perombakan pemikiran yang dekaden, konservatif, materialistik yang melampau, anti ilmu, berpuak-puak, mementingkan diri, kaum keluarga dan para kroni hingga sanggup memperjudikan nasib BANGSA, AGAMA DAN TANAHAIR.

7. KAMI memberi amaran keras dan peringatan yang tulus ikhlas bahawa kepimpinan UMNO yang lemah, korup, rakus dan gila kuasa boleh menggerhanakan masa depan generasi muda Melayu dan rakyat yang telah memberikan sokongan mereka sejak 51 tahun UMNO memimpin kerajaan Malaysia.

8. KAMI juga ingin mengingatkan para pemimpin Melayu yang berkuasa agar jangan terlalu banyak berkompromi dengan golongan-golongan tertentu yang mempunyai agenda tertentu untuk melemahkan kepimpinan Melayu.

9. KAMI juga ingin mengingatkan para pemimpin Melayu yang berkuasa bahawa kelemahan kekuasaan politik Melayu akan membawa kehancuran dan penghapusan kuasa orang Melayu di bumi Malaysia yang bertuah ini.

10. KAMI menyeru dan menggesa rakyat Melayu bertindak proaktif dalam berbagai bidang kehidupan untuk menjamin kekuasaan politik Melayu tidak terhakis dan ketuanan Melayu dan Islam kekal subur selagi ada matahari dan bulan

11. KAMI merafak sembah memohon agar Duli-duli Yang Maha Mulia Raja-Raja Melayu mempertahankan kedaulatan baginda seperti mana yang termaktub dalam PERLEMBAGAAN MALAYSIA dengan memberi sokongan moral kepada perjuangan umat Melayu dan Islam dalam berbagai lapangan hidup. Perlulah dihayati kedaulatan dan kedudukan Raja-Raja Melayu akan berterusan sekiranya rakyat Melayu dan umat Islam memperjuang dan mempertahankan institusi Raja tersebut.

12. KAMI dengan penuh takzimnya memohon Duli-duli Yang Maha Mulia Raja-Raja Melayu dan kaum kerabat baginda agar jangan mengkhianati dan melakukan sesuatu tindakan yang boleh menjejaskan institusi Raja dan melukai perasaan umat Melayu yang mempertahankan institusi Raja selama ini.

13. KAMI juga menyeru kepada kerajaan agar melaksanakan KEADILAN dan TANGGUNGJAWAB sebagai pemerintah kepada semua rakyat Malaysia tanpa mengira kaum memandangkan Malaysia negara majmuk.

14. KAMI ingin memberi peringatan kepada bukan Melayu agar berpegang teguh pada kontrak sosial dan PERLEMBAGAAN NEGARA demi menjaga keharmonian hubungan antara kaum serta kesejahteraan dan keamanan yang kita sama-sama mempertahankannya.

15. KAMI yakin dan percaya bahawa Kebebasan suara Rakyat dan amalan Demokrasi mestilah dipertahankan oleh kerana rakyat yang memberi mandat dan amanah kepada parti-parti politik tertentu untuk berkuasa.

Oleh hal demikian KAMI akan bekerjasama dengan siapa saja, dan dari golongan mana sekali pun, demi memperjuangkan hak dan kebebasan Rakyat serta amalan Demokrasi di bumi Malaysia yang bertuah ini.Inilah deklarasi yang tulus ikhlas yang KAMI abadikan sebagai cetusan rasa dari buah fikiran KAMI demi memperjuangkan hak dan kepentingan Rakyat, Keamanan dan Kesejahteraan Negara Malaysia.

KAMI rakamkan cetusan hati nurani Rakyat yang bernama DEKLARASI JANDA BAIK, bertempat di kediaman Sdr Syed Hussein Al-Attas, bertarikh 26 Oktober 2008.


Nov 2, 2008

Fuel Drop & Subsidy..

Recent fuel price drop of $0.15 was said not reflecting current price of oil which is USD $60-70 per barrel. Yes it does not reflect. Still its still a good system of revising the fuel price every month or one every two weeks.

I've been against use of public money for subsidy since the 1st fuel price hike. Why ? U need to read my last article. Since now the fuel price were dropping so rapidly, this is the time for the government to reduce the subsidy received gradually. Let say $0.05 cent.

Why? Since the rakyat already used to the high fuel price & most of them were used to berjimat cermat attitude already. Some of the rakyat already change their car to gas operated power & others were already change their lifestyle by using motorcycle & public transport.

The government shall go ahead with the plan of improving public transport & facilities. The drop of this fuel price is not permanent. Its just temporary following the economy slumps by US & other countries. This fuel hike will again increased in the future, government & rakyat shall be prepared for it.

Not to continue more. I would like to suggest several things :

1- Reduce subsidy gradually.

2- Used the global pricing system. Or pack our fuel price accordance to international fuel price with still there's some fixed subsidy to our rakyat. Let say $fuel price - 0.30 subsidy..