Jan 10, 2010

Allah Issue ~ What have we become

What happened this few days are very disturbing. What had happen to us? As a Muslim & Malaysian i condemned such foolish act (throwing 'malakov cocktail' or stone to church & surau) by maybe few people try to smear the relationship between Muslims & Christian. Such violence act never occur before in our lifetime. We've been living in harmony for so many years until PRU-12.

Didn't we learn enough? If we think about it, is it really worth it for Herald asking for using the name of ALLAH to be used by the publication?

Religion Fanatics

My opinion is.. they will always be religion fanatics whether it comes from Christians, Muslims, Buddhism, Hinduism etc2. That's the fact. At the moment these fanatics is very minimal. These fanatics exist but never have the chance to show themselves because there is no caused to do so & they know they will not gain support.

The 'Allah' issue seems like a fuel to a very micro 'bara api'. It will become large & uncontrolled event when fuel is put in it. Why can't they leave Allah alone like they do all these while.

Whats wrong with the 52 years of understanding? Maybe people like us might be understand the result of the Court. But people like religion fanatics will take this as a point to start something. And we all know history of the world when it comes to religion dispute.

As of now, we don't even know who are behind this attacks? it might be anybody? spies? Israel agent? Agents? PR supporters? UMNO supporters? Fanatic Muslims or even christian fanatics?

Please don't smear up the issue on finger pointing & accusing. Please refrain ourself by making such statement whether in blogsphere, facebook, newspaper & our daily life. Politician shall stop politicking the issue. Let them discuss (Herold & government) calmly on the issue & as one voice to condemn it. To some online news agency (especially Malaysia Insider) please confined your comments because its very disturbing to see such comments from your fellow commenter's.

Before this might go out of hand & lets us embrace each other united as 1 like always.

A good article to refer :-
A Rose Called by any other name.. - Rehman Rashid
In the end, there is no winner - Zainul Arifin

p/s: This reminds me of "Kingdom Of Heaven"

New Updates :

If we refer to Shahadah. If we translate to Malay or even in Arabic.

SYAHADAH : Aku bersaksi bahawa Tiada Tuhan Yang Disembah melainkan ALLAH.

So to lawyers please use this as a basis.



  1. Answer to your posting title Allah Issue ~ What have we become is simple. You all have become no different than donkey which is known for its stupidity who even cannot accept that statement Allah is for all from someone who has won Tokoh Maal Hijrah. Sorry I cant remember his name, Yussof something.

  2. :) Its up to you to comment.. Maybe in the afterlife we will know who is wrong or right..

    But as of now, this issue has made some muslims thinking that all God is the same for all religion which is wrong..

    in other words. they have sama tarafkan tuhan lain dgn tuhan Islam.. which is opposite with our Shahadah "Aku naik saksi Tiada Tuhan yg disembah melainkan Allah"

  3. Lisa, it is very common for poliTAIK to accept advise or statement from those who are in-line with their view only.

    Tokoh Maal Hijrah yang mendapat pengiktirafan KERAjaan pun mereka kata BODOH, bayangkan pendapat mereka-mereka yg tidak menjadi tokoh agama.

    FYI, if there is a meeting among Islam but different mazhab, for sure they cannot resolve certain issue. They are not looking for the truth but rather the winner.

    Just image what would happen if meeting is between Islam and Christian.

    Worst come to worst, they would say "It is up to you to comment" which I consider as escape clause.

    Kah kah kah!!!...