Jun 2, 2009

Penanti 'Aftermatch' - Biggest Casualty


PKR (Dr Mansor) - 6,052
Independent (Aminah) - 392
Independent (Nai) - 494
Independent (Kamarul) - 56
Majoriti - 5,558

2008 Election

PKR (Fairus) - 7,346
BN (Dato' Abdul Jalil) - 5,127
Majority - 2,219

As i said earlier i'm not a surprise that PKR wins big in this Bi-election. Its a just a bi-election created by PKR to lure BN. But it's a surprise when the turnout was very bad. Less than half the voters turn-up on Sunday. Whatever PKR said does not make any sense anymore. The fact is PKR need to swallow that the voters in PENANTI trying to show something. Probably only the 'hardcore' PR people cast their vote that day. The rest of the voters either going out vacation or just relaxing like any other weekend.

Anyway, let me conclude something for both side :-


- This bi-election actually a shameful winning for PKR. And i think deep in the hearth the PKR candidate feels something. (i will if i was him)
- Losing 1200++ vote from previous bi-election shows that DSAI tactics was terrible. Whatever the reason is they still cannot convince the voters to turn up.
- PKR tactics actually effects their friends in PR which is PAS & DAP


- For the 1st time seems that BN make a right decision. They actually lost the battle but gain moral battle looking at the result of the battle. Retreat is an exceptional strategy.
- Morals are high & this will boost the spirit for next bi-election in Kelantan.

- Eventhough BN did not contest in this bi-election its crucial for BN to make a post mortem on what had happen & learn the trend of the voters.
- I wonder where is the post mortem that Vice President of UMNO talking about when he announce after winning the post.

Anyway, its the 1st time in this 2 years that bi-election runs smoothly without much attention by press or media. One might hardly know that there's a bi-election going on. :)

Actually nobody wins this election. We can call it as the Loser that Wins. Kudos PKR ! Kudos BN !



  1. Janji menang... Sama jugak bila BN menang tapi majoriti rendah dari PRU-11. Sapa dia, hang cari sendirilah. Semua akan kata BN menang tanpa mempersoalkan aspek bilangan undi, kan?

    La ni kira chin-cailah... Baik menang dari tak bertanding tapi dok komen buat pelbagai analisa, tak gitu?

    Kah kah kah...

  2. :) Memangla menang.. tapi kena tgk balik trend menang.. terpulang pada pendapat masing2..

    Komen ttp komen.. kalah tetap kalah.. menang tetap menang.. tapi tak boleh dinafikn analisa yg dibuat.. ! Bak kata Anwar takat puas hati jelah.... hhehehe

  3. Hantam ajerlah anaklangkawi oii!!!...

  4. bn cincai macam mana pun mesti ada kebaikkan utk dahulukan melayu...dan kepentingan
    1malaysia..tapi..pakatan...satu bangsa je yg untung...lain tatak untung lor..