Oct 20, 2010

Budget 2011 - PLUS, Women & Permata

PLUS Highway

- Khazanah Nasional & KWSP to take over PLUS

- 5 years guarantee of no toll hike.

What else can I say, other than it’s a relief. But it’ll all come with high price for GLC which need to complete the takeover the ownership of the company. But to think about it better the GLC takeover rather than MMC which been a while talks about taking over PLUS. If MMC take over PLUS there is no guarantee that no toll hike will took place.

In a way to think about it that’s why its possible to control the toll hike. Bravo!

My advise :

-Improve or have more R&R PLUS highway.


- 90 days of maternity leave (paid ones)

This maybe a start for something big in the future. I do hope that the private sector should follow the government footstep on giving higher maternity leave. Unfortunately as a father of a born child I do hope that the government in the future takes the step of European country which gives a compulsory paternity leave.

Early days of child’s birth are very crucial. Not only to the mother but for the father. There’s lots of stuff need to be done. Things such as baby’s registration, settle the bills, buying stuff, unexpected thing etc2. At the moment only certain MNC (multinational company) having this leave.

My advice :

-Adopt Paternity leave for husbands.


- RM 111 million

At the moment I still try to find a light through this programme. I don’t see it’s beneficial as a whole to the people but only to certain quarters of children which have access to the programme. Until now the existence of the project is still synonym to the wife of Prime Minister Datin Rosmah. Even sometime I wonder where this programme falls into. Under which portfolio or Menteri ? Sometime I even think that Datin have a portfolio in like a menteri when addressing Permata event. A layman on the street even will relate Datin with Permata.

I even comment the programme under different post before. I always assume that only certain quarters of people benefited the programme. People who have access & upon others rural people will be left out. Anyhow, some people might think differently, please check & evaluate yourself. Here & here.. But since my last comment about Permata there's some improvement which i actually quite impressed.

I see the programme already started to reach out to people. Deep to rural areas. Which is a positive sign. Well. I'll reserved my thoughts & comment till sometime. As for Permata Pintar i can see there's quite transparent on statistic of student which attend the exams. That's for the statistic.

But Permata still need to show that the programme benefit all the people & if it can bring out a true potential of students from a very rural area then it will shed the light to a lot of people.

My advice :

- Permata programme shall be handover to relevant Kementerian ASAP to avoid misinterpritation of the community. The faster the better. (Penaung- Datin Rosmah)

- Extend the Permata Programme to benefit the rural one like PAPN. This one should be largely promoted not the Permata Seni etc2..

I will be closely monitor the activity done Publish Post by Permata..



  1. Permata ada ruang khas untuk kanak2 sebelum sekolah. Satu usaha murni untuk kebaikan masyarakat. Permata mampu berkembang maju. Kaitan Permata dengan Rosmah tidak seharusnya dipandang terlalu serong.

  2. It is a good program but I believe Permata does not reach and benefit the rural people. The planning is good and people know that they are good in doing great plan but when it come to implementation........ failure!!!... The budget has gone with the wind.

    For KERAjaan, even having 365 day of maternity leave does not mean anything to me as either they are working or not, taking leave or not, their poor & slow performance cannot be denied. How on earth they should be given a bonus? Well, not for private sector.

    Who even taking over PLUS, definitely will benefit among the Directors in term of profit. Toll will be not increase for the next 5 years but don't be surprise of the said term expiry, toll might be increased with higher rate.

    In what ever case, the Budget 2011 does not benefit people like us, you, me and other laymen on the street who is struggling to ensure their family would have something to eat in the current economic situation. It just enrich their family, cronies and friends.

    Budget for Education and Health should be increased not increasing the Permata program.

    Too many things can be said on this Budget 2011. No wonder people are saying it is a Budget Seluar Dalam.

    Media can only publish comment from those pencacai, penjilat but not from us.

    Bravo Anak Langkawi!!!....

  3. BDG :-
    Cek berckp mewakili rakyat marhaen yg prihatin. bukan memandang serong kaitan Permata dgn Datin. Permata perlu dinampakkan satu projek dibwh kerajaan. Bukan Datin Rosmah kerana beliau bukan penjawat awam.. Maka tak nampak cantik.. Sekadar penaung.. contohilah Tun Siti Hasmah..

  4. Org Tanjung or Kamal Sanusi :-
    Well, i can say one thing the performance of government staff at certain quarters already increases in term of efficiency & productivity. This i must not deny it.

    The process application for my House loan EPF withdrawal only took one week to process & approve. Money coming in 2 weeks after that. I'm surprise for EPF. Same like LHDN when returning tax exemption..

    FOr PLUS. well.. we just need to wait 5years then to know whether the toll increase dramatically or not.. The future is really uncertain for many aspect..

    I will give a fair comment for the budget.. That's what i been doing since i start blogging.. see from different perspective..