Oct 21, 2010

Budget Overview 2011 ~ Green & Renewable Energy

Green Energy

- Exemption import duty for hybrid cars

I was expecting something in this Budget. Things like tax exemption for purchasing energy rating or green item products. The benefits are, while promoting green energy at the same time we will promote spending on efficient product. In a way it will help to reduce carbon footprint as well as increasing green rating in Malaysia. The government need to become leader of this. New Rules & regulation need to take place in order to promote awareness & green efficiency to the consumer (learn from Singapore & EU country). Anyway thank you for still giving tax exemption for hybrid car. Let us hope this will be the start for something even bigger in the future.

My advise :-

- create a new rule & regulation for building emphasising green efficiency
- give tax exemption for proven energy rating products (maybe next year budget)
- incentives for company doing green CSR (corporate social responsibility)

Enviromental Development.

- RM 1.9 bil for enviromental development

Kuala Lumpur have a very unique river system. The interconnection of river at Masjid Jamek are among the most spectacular sight in the city. However, the polluted water is a turn off to the tourist & photographer. DBKL need to bring out the true potential of this place and use this allocation to the fullest. DBKL should follow the footstep of Bandar Melaka which the used to be dirty river now become center of attraction to tourists.

My observation :-

-We'll see how this allocation will be used for the upcoming project. (reserve the comment later on)Renewable Energy ACT

- Feed tariff mechanism under the Renewable Energy Act to allow electricity generated by Individual & Independent Provider to be sold to electricity utility company.

Its good to have this act which encourage big companies using renewable energy. Solid waste or waste disposal can generate extra income from burning it. There are some company which used big boilers to dispose the solid waste or liquid waste which can generate some kilowatt of electricity. But currently all this are wasted due Utility company not willing to but the surplus electricity.

This act will eliminate the need to aggressively plan to create another power plant in our country. (save money & time)

My advise :-

- Extend the act by make it a compulsory for waste disposal to have a electricity generated system from burning of their waste. comments

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