Aug 13, 2014

MB Selangor Fiasco & 5 point Show cause

Its all start with Kajang move when Anwar attempt to elect himself to contest. The million of dollars tax payers money used to conduct this by election. Then Anwar advisor said better to elect Wan Azizah due to the sodomise court case he's facing. 

As expected Wan Azizah won the controversial move denying the plan to
make her MB. Well plan!

Now, after gathering 5 major issue PKR made the move. Among others the issue to justify their move are :-

1- Bank loan islam.
Accusing of Tan Sri have insider deal to get such treatment. Well, this is mere accusation & its consider a personal issue which TSK already answer to the so called diciplinary committee.
Why PKR so interested on Loan Issue when its not proven insider or whatever deal took place. What about accusation on Anwar or Azmin oversea's account? Will this consider a disiplinary issue as well. There's no keadilan for TSK to defend himself.

2- The state water restructuring deal.
During the draught season this year Klang valley was severely affected by water rationing. Cost million of RM business distruption & million of users affected. It is wise for any MB to do whatever it can to solve the problem eventhough have to go against interest of party by putting 'rakyat' first. This move seems not likeble by some quaters in PKR which seems that the state goverment bowing to Federal government. 

3- The increased fees for business licences.
The increase of fees by state govertment is not an act by MB alone. License fees is  under PBT which is under certain state EXCO member. Having to said that during this proposal of increased fees there was not strong objection from quaters within PR coalition & business owners. It has been said that this proposal was not accepted largely DAP. 
Why now raise the issue when during the time of increase nobodys loudly condems this?

4. The revised MB allowance.
Revised of allowance of the states draws criticism from the people. This draws a question mark to PR policy & some said that PR is no better that BN in terms of policy making. However, one should wonder why the revised MB allowance is the only issue being brought. During the increase of this allowance all exco's, adun & speaker allowance also increase.
And all effected member just mum about it. And i bet during the proposal this is not only the approval & suggestion by MB. It must go thru Exco discussion & proposal from majority of the members. But now! All blame on TSK. One question i may ask is if someone esle took over. Will they revise back all these allowance. Nah! I doubt about it.

5. Proposed Kinrara-Damansara Expressway KIDEX.
I agree with Temerloh MP Nasaruddin Tantawi. Why the highway proposal is a point to brought down TSK. As you know the proposed underwater tunnel in Penang also draw critism from People in Penang. Should Lim Guan Eng resign as well!? Thats the reason why LGE was piss off with the statement. Good example given by the PAS MP. By the way do you think it is only MB instruction for Kidex. I believe this highway has undergo several discussion & study before they initiated the project.! So is it right to say only the MB responsible solely on Kidex? 

Looking at the 5 point on why PKr wants TSK to step down it does not make sense. The points are invalid. The failure of the MB if they may say must be failure of Exco & other elected representative as well in PBT as well as state govern company. Do just make TSK a scapegoat on this issue & put the blame entirely on him. It is just nor fair.

Let us see what will be the end this fiasco.