Feb 17, 2009

DUN BUKIT LANJAN - PKR Elizabeth Nude Case

Actually I don’t want to comment on this issue. But when, listening on comments from Opposition Party Leaders & Bloggers which blames BN for this issue, I’ve no choice express my opinion.


I’m pretty sure if the person himself/ herself take own picture for safekeeping is ok. But when a person takes someone picture without her/his consent it’s considering criminal act. It is worst when the person post it in the internet. We have seen Malaysian celebrities & politicians go down the drains when it involved moral issues. Name like Chua Soi Lek, Wan Nur Azlin, Raja Indon Mastura & many more were some examples of results of moral issue. But some say its ok for PKR Elizabeth Case since the picture was taken without her consent.

But wait, how come someone can take her picture that way (close range & intimate position) if its not someone’s really close to her. It is said that the person who take the picture was his ex-boyfriend (probably when there were still having relationship). The question is if it’s really her ex-bf or 'dalang' how come she as a single women give permission for him to enter her house or wherever that is.

Is it morally 'ok' for someone who is not married giving permission to a guy entering her house (whether is bf or not) ? Actually, it’s up to individual interpretation whether it’s right or wrong. But, if it happens to normal people like me & you it does not make any difference at all. But when it happens to a person who we see as our leader, the moral question will come in place.

I want to recall just now in TV3 whereby Japan Finance Minister resigns by just appearing drunk at G7 meeting. He actually denies he's drunk but he's taken it as a responsible gentleman and resigned. Is it actually normal getting drunk for some people, but for people like leaders & politicians it’s not an exception.


As predicted, some people will take this issue as political point. It starts with Dato Khir Toyo with his remarks asking her to step down and also some quarter of Pakatan Rakyat blaming BN for ‘planning’ this. The cases of blaming were similar for what had happen in ADUN BUKIT SELAMBAU & the 2 ex-Exco PKR bribery case in Perak. PR just wants to blame others for their own people's problem. :) What the ‘heck’! Politician never stops being politician. They just can’t stop.

For me personally, she’s a victim by his ex-bf (hopefully only one ex-bf lah). But anyway, as a public figure she must be held responsible for his own act. I duly respect the fact that she offers her resignation (why offer just resign-lah). But I do hope PR leader will accept her resignation & don’t blame others for whatever happens. It will soon backfire PR if it’s true that her ex-bf is the culprit (same case like the Sept 16 case Vs Perak case). "Jgn main-main" like Karpal said.

PR leader shall respect her decision & go on with more reputable candidate. As for record, from 8 March 08 till now. There’s already 6 major ‘mysterious’ case involving PKR representatives which is DSAI sodomy case, 2 Exco Perak case, fighting with fellow PKR people in Kelana Jaya MP case (sorry I can't remember his name), V.Arumugam ADUN BUKIT SELAMBAU case & lastly Elizabeth case.

PKR should next time choose candidate seriously so that these series of humiliate incident won’t occur again. With so much case shows that PKR are to blame for a lot tarnishing events in PR.
But there's a 'silver lining' seems to emerge due to this issue. We can see most of the MP's either from opposition or BN express supporting her. These is a good sign after all these months of bickering between them. At least we know this kind of act by these kind of culprit are not acceptable at all.

Perhaps the government & MP's shall draw a notion or table a very stiff law to handle this kind of criminal.

"My old man used to say, if you want to be a politician make sure your past life & your personnel life will not bring you down in the future."

My prediction is there will be another Bukit Election by the end of this episode. :)


  1. It's pretty interesting that the issues pertaining to BN guys being immoral is not addressed by you.

    But anyway, personal attacks are not good for anyone on any party.

    We should rather be looking at the good that they can do for us and if they can't, get rid of them!! (Shouldn't matter if BN or PR)

    If you can see the good and bad in both parties and their respective candidates and comment on them without being impartial, that would be a good start.

    My view...I do agree that moral values of all politician can come under scrutiny.
    All Malaysian politician (BN or PR) then should receive the same treatment when they have behave in an immoral way.

  2. My old man used to say it too but since he cannot speak english I shall quote in malay...

    "kalau nak jadi ahli politik, kena pandai menipu..."

  3. nanda666 & org Tanjung,
    Agree.. :)..