Jan 19, 2010

VOA & Lost Person in Malaysia

VOA or shall i say Visa Open Arrival is a ticket for freedom for some so called tourist. Malaysia is among the most generous country who practice this concept in order to boost tourism. Well, after some time what do we get ? Few hundred & thousands of tourist stranded or can we call it lost their way back to their own country.

On top of that there are also some 'benefit' this stranded people caused such as increase of social problem (as shown in a Tv3 - Aduan Rakyat), increase of crime rate, GRO & a lot more contribution to the nation. Hm.. So who can we blame? Do we blame the tourism Ministry? Do we blame the immigration authority? Well, one thing for sure the tourism ministry are trying to get good KPI's. On the other hand the immigration authority is only following orders.

For me there's nobody to blame. Its good to have it but VOA should be revise from time to time. Probably after 6month of issue the directive to certain country. Well, why should i say 6 month. VOA only valid 30days (i think) after a 'tourist' enters the country. The immigration authorities should have ample time to monitor which country or transit areas which have so much 'tourist' stranded or unaware of overstay (some of the reason).

For this reason we should follow Australia authorities on how to control the overstayed tourist. I think the authorities or government have access to Australia Channel on how strictly they monitor the people coming in. One simple thing they can do is to ask their return tickets available or not. If this simple thing is not made available we can actually detained them for questioning.

Even yesterday i have a chat with my Malaysian friend Madhu. We even talked about this overstayed tourist. The problem is most of Indian national who are lost fills up the local Indian jobs in Malaysia. They conquered works which all these while dominated by Malaysian Indian. The whole situation resembles me of what is happening to Singapore. Where the locals have to compete with Filipinos workers in order to survive.

When i read the paper today, i was shock to see suggestion from MIC Youth chief to give pardon to this overstayed people especially from India. Don't we learn enough? What was in his mind anyway? Given pardon & offer them jobs is like opening our borders to everyone. Well, nobody will be afraid to come here illegally cause at the end the government will gave pardon & even offer jobs. While our neighboring country are attracting fellow professionals from developing country & attracts professionals at the other hand we tend to do the opposite.

The government & authorities should be serious of handling this situation. A year ago, we talk about lost tourist from China, then from Indonesia & now from India. Even recently we are facing problems from African 'students' God know what after this. VOA, student visa etc should be revise to cater current situation & problems.

p/s: Revise what's not good. There no point turning back & pin point people. comments

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