Oct 16, 2008

What Singaporean Says .. Part 2

Well, still some more comment on Singapore. There's stuff that i want to highlight here just to share with other blogger. Especially comments by normal citizen's of Singapore. How they think about the their country, our country, our current politic situation & other stuff.

Its normal for me to have a chit-chat with Taxi Drivers during my stays overseas. Especially friendly ones. Just to make it simple let me highlighted some of the chat or opinion point normally occurs.

Malaysian Politics:-
-"So how's Anwar doing". "When will Anwar take over the government".
-"Opposition quite strong in Malaysia". "How can Malaysia allow racial statement been taken lightly, in Singapore u'll be in ISA if such comment took place."
From "Other perspective" its shows that most of the Singaporeans knows about recent politic development in Malaysia. Majority of them quite supportive to current situation of Malaysia but most of them says that the current check & balance between the government & opposition will benefit the people. However, most of them view politic development as unhealthy & some also view Malaysia Risk level increased.

Singapore Politics :-
- "Its such a loss to Opposition from the loss of JB Jeyaretnam."
- "Yes the government give u money before elections with all the good stuff etc2. However, after the election they take back from you double or triple on what u get in the 1st place".
- "The opposition actually have 40% vote by the people. However, due to the constituency or boundary of the electrol system been control by PAP they manage to get only 2 -3 seat in the Parliament".
- "Quite a lot of China citizen flocking to Singapore. Government policy of openness will hinders the working opportunity for local citizens."
- "JB Jeyaretnam was a fighter for the poor people of Singapore. He's been declared bankrupt 3 times even so he gets back on his feet to fight back. Hopefully more parliamentary will be won next election."
Other Perspective observation shows majority of the Singaporean view quite unhappy with current economics, political & freedom in Singapore. Most of them expressed view hoping a check & balance government & more policy to protect Singaporeans. More & more concern on economic wise.

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