Jul 4, 2008

Revision of Subsidy System - How much u are getting subsidy previously?

Is the subsidy system fair & effective for the people of Malaysia?
I think you will think twice & when you read my opinion below.

1)A company which has a lot of his staff travelling
Car : various car
Fuel Consumption : 5000 liter/month
Subsidy : 0.70 cent
Total subsidy receive : RM 3500.00

Car :- Sedan car 1.6 CBU
Fuel Consumption : 1000 liter/month (my work intends me to travel a lot)
Subsidy : 0.70 cent
Total subsidy i receive : RM 700.00/month

3)My neighbour
Car : Proton Wira
Fuel Consumption : 500 liter/month
Subsidy : 0.70 cent
Total subsidy i receive : RM 350.00/month

4)Fellow rural people in Langkawi for example.
Fuel Consumption : 50 liter/month
Subsidy : 0.70 cent
Total subsidy i receive : RM 35.00/month

5)Lastly, All the Pakcik2 & makcik in Kampung who use motorcycle
Fuel consumption :- 10 liter/month
Subsidy :- let say 0.70sen
Subsidy per/month :- RM 7.00

I think by now you already understand what I'm trying to highlight here.
Do you think myself & company eligible to get the subsidy? This is just an example, imagine there's a lot of people in city's falls under category 1, 2 & 3. Probably 80% of the consumer of fuel are from urban areas. Well, that's quite a lot for people getting it. What about the rural people? The one that really need help? Is it fair for us in urban getting a lot of subsidy when the rural people getting so less.

If we translate it into money wise. Actually the rural people only get RM 84.00/year. Instate
of myself getting RM 8400.00/year. Is it fair?

The current system of subsidy actually are not fair at all. It will only protects or give advantage to urban people which will makes the rich gets richer & the poor gets poorer. It is good that the government float the fuel price according to international price same as what United States & other states are doing. Even if they want to give subsidy just a little bit just to show the government are giving back. RM 0.30

Some say the subsidy effected food prices & they are really pity the poor. Yes. I agree. Having said that the subsidy previously been given to no 1. 2 & 3 should be channeled back to the poor people. Probably give subsidy in terms of food & other related stuff which will have a great impact to them.

That's the idea. That's why i think that the previous subsidy system are not relevant anymore. If the current system now still question mark due to still the rich will benefit the most.
Because the subsidy only benefit the rich people who i think does not deserve it.

I will come back with another post on how to use the cut subsidy to help the poor.. comments

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