Jul 25, 2008

What should we do?

I'm getting sick & tired of all the allegation running around our country. However, its the media that are getting rich by the sales of newspaper & hits on their blogs. How long will it last. The longer it is the more higher 'Risk Level' point for our beloved country. And this will result the potential investor to the country.

Is it purposely?
is it accidentally?
why politicians doing this ?
Don't they care about us?
When will this stop?

I really urge politician a.k.a leaders & i mean not only to BN but PR to do their respective jobs as representative. People elected u for a reason. Not bickering between each other. Not making speculation & not making false statement or even doing demo's. This will not solve our problems.

Please show that u guys are really worth it. comments

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  1. Just rest your mind.

    Rehatkan minda anda, sebelum anda direhatkan :-)

    Erm...Ada cerita menarik ;-)