Sep 13, 2008

Where are we heading ?

Its been a while i've not updating my blog.
The very simple thing is just that i'm tired & jemu on what's happening with politics in Malaysia as a whole. Not only because of BN but PR as well.
I ever wonder if they know that this politiking bickering is effecting malaysia in a way..
Yes.. ask the risk assestment people.. risk analysis.. one risk catagories is rising thanks to all the politicians..

Thanks to Anwar for expressing when the new government will be ruling..
Thanks to Pklah for his weak leadership.
Thanks to all the politician with racial & religious sentiments towards each other.

Even now our mindset is so called preparing for the unthinkable event.. i hope it wont happen..
I urge all people to stop & raise issues which will create uneasyness between us..

Like i say.. where are we heading?

ITS YOU & ME WHO WILL DECIDE WHERE ARE WE HEADING... may we choose the right path.. comments

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