Sep 20, 2008

What Other Country Look At Us Now?

Been to oversea's last week. My hearth not really ease every moment waiting for the 16th Sept.

There's no choice but to turn into oversea's news like BNBC, CNN & other international channel.

Luckily my hotel does provide those kind of channel. To my surprise, the coverage for those 2-3 days quite extensive. The commenter & coverage more less the same like Thailand coup. Which i strongly believe not good for the eyes of investors & tourist etc2. Even some of my oversea's counterpart asking what's been happening.

Their impression of our country is :-

1- Racial tension is getting bigger & bigger. Awaiting to burst

My answer . Its just the local & international media playing the issue to make us unstable. But i dont know why.

2- Malaysia is not a safe place to visit anymore.

My answer. It is safe as usual. But not denying the fact that ppl feels really uneasy this days due to political bickering.

The political circus that been happening is not good for anybody. Especially business, tourism industry & business trips. They sees malaysia is more becoming unstable country because of some ppl which hunger of power & some ppl which reluctent to step down. As i always express before. This political bickering shall stop immediately.

You guys have your own responsibilty for your own constitution. Prove it you're worth it. Its not good to take over government the wrong way. I will make us more terrible that 13 May.
My hope is we can stop all the nonsense & start building the nation. Brace for future struggle especially economics which is effecting the globe. By the way. Paklah should step down ASAP. He.he.

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  1. Salam hormat…

    I must agree with your posting namely on what kind of impression other countries do have towards Malaysia. We don’t have to go abroad to only know Malaysia is not safe to travel within or non-conducive to invest in.

    While most Malays namely in um-NO are against using English in math & science and 10% open quota in UiTM in creating competitiveness, they are 100% rely on main stream media on any news. I bet almost all Malaysian has ASTRO channel at home but how many are watching channel 511 – 514 & 518-519???

    Maybe for others races but I bet with my last dollar, it’s very hard to find Malay watching it for one good reason I could think of…. Just like duck talking to chicken.

    Again I must agree with you that BODOlah must step down NOW to avoid more severe injuries to Malaysia especially when this bastard is Defend Minister.

    Looking at his SIL, Kalimullah being so close with S’pore, without prejudice I’m saying that he has the ability to leak out our military confidential information to Singapore.

    Don’t you think???...