Nov 9, 2008

Mapex 2008 & National Graduate CaReer Carnival 2008

I end my weekend with attending two different event at MegaMall. Actually the true reason i went there was to accompany my friend in hoping to hunt for an affordable property for himself.

Unfortunately, after nearly 2 hours walking around the MAPEX exhibition centre we realise something. It's quite impossible to get an affordable property now days. Most of the property ranges 200k above for condos & apartments, 450k above for landed properties. However, in the mist of the upset we manage to meet developer of apartment which price more or less around his budget. One is in Kajang (about 10km away from Kajang itself) & one is near the border of Shah Alam Klang (JPJ & Puspakom Batu 13). Unfortunately both are far away from civilisation & basic transportation need such as LRT, Komuter or etc2.

Among the developers involved are I&P, Mutiara Rini, Platinum Victory, Sunway City & many more. The government agency involved are Kementerian Pelancongan, Kementerian Perumahan & Kerajaan Tempatan & Perbendaharaan Malaysia. Non-developers include USM, I-Property & Ho Chin Soon Research (with nice details maps seller). Not to forget the banks which one of the pretty ladies managed force me to sign up with their credit card application (which i will cut it anyway when it arrived).
When the hopes seems to fade we went out the MAPEX 2008 & head to another event which is National Graduate Career Carnival 2008. Maybe this will cheer him up i think (a lot of young beautiful graduates among the visitors).

Its quite a surprise with the turn up. A lot of grads & students. Its a great & happening event. Seems that all the visitors were well dressed & some managed to slip through an interview session with the companies participating.

Among the company involved were Aker Solutions, CCM, Telekom, Perodua, Ann Joo, Walton International, Scomi, Mox & many more. Some University also taking the chance to offer Msc & Phd (UTP, USM, UIA).
I must say its a great & marvelous event which gives great opportunity to graduates. I never thought there's a lot of jobs out there. Anyway, by pretending being one of the job seekers i fill in the forms & also managed to have chat with company representative (but not to the extend of attending interview). I think my friend was more thrill about this event. He managed to talk to some Oil & Gase company which he's interested & was also been invited to drop/ email them a CV (since what's he's doing right now is similar to the current vacancies).

After observation of this two great event i realise something. Most of the participants coming to the MAPEX are non-bumi's & most of participants in Career Carnival were Bumi's. Not that i want to be particular about it. But, Its the fact. I observed it myself. There's a lot of differences. I can see most of the sales for high price $$ properties were non-bumi's buyers. Even the middle class properties were mostly sold to non-bumi customers. Its seems that the bumi's purchasing power still very low. I can see the the property which priced 100k below packed with bumi's & some Indians.

Opposite to that, the graduate carnival were pack with quite balance number of every races. Of course the bumi's were slightly higher in number.

Final Notes: -

Whatever it is, i would like to congratulate the organiser of MAPEX 2008 which is REHDA & supported by Kementerian Perumahan & Kerajaan Tempatan for a great event. I also congratulate the organiser of National Graduate Career Carnival 2008 which is Ministry of Higher Education & supported by Kementerial Sumber Manusia/ Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia/ Pemuda UMNO for a great opportunity for graduates & to be workers.

May this two kind of event shall be made regularly. BRaVo!!

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