Dec 4, 2010

Ron 95 Increase 5 cent.. Thank you Govertment..

What can i say, despite all the oath & janji to the rakyat not to increase the fuel tariff for Ron 95 this year yet they still increase it. Very dissapointed on the recent development. Well, i still remember the governess this year make an oath not to increase the price. But yet they still increase it.

So what's the different between the government lead by BN compared to PR.

The one thing i cannot tolerate is people lying.. This is not what i expected from the government. Maybe for opposition government is a norm but not this..

* This is among the 'janji' by the government not to increase price of Ron 95
* When people start lying the credibility of the government start to tarnish.

p/s: Please don't bull shit about what will be saved by cutting subsidy cause its not the people on the street who will received it but someone else.. Anyway please show the rakyat what has been spend for the saved money by increasing ron97 middle of this year? Terima kasih Kerajaan BN~~ comments


  1. Wakakakakakakaa..............

    Tahniah Anak Langkawi kerana mendapat hadiah istimewa sempena Awal Muharram. Dulu, kini & selamanya pemimpin Anak Langkawi dok terus dan terus menipu para ahlinya yg mudah ditipu...

  2. kita hormat pemimpin yg dilantik.. tak kira sapa.. tapi bila ckp x serupa bikin itu yg cek tak boleh terima.. apa2 pun.. yg x berpegang kepada kata @ amanah.. tukaq jelah..