Nov 2, 2008

Fuel Drop & Subsidy..

Recent fuel price drop of $0.15 was said not reflecting current price of oil which is USD $60-70 per barrel. Yes it does not reflect. Still its still a good system of revising the fuel price every month or one every two weeks.

I've been against use of public money for subsidy since the 1st fuel price hike. Why ? U need to read my last article. Since now the fuel price were dropping so rapidly, this is the time for the government to reduce the subsidy received gradually. Let say $0.05 cent.

Why? Since the rakyat already used to the high fuel price & most of them were used to berjimat cermat attitude already. Some of the rakyat already change their car to gas operated power & others were already change their lifestyle by using motorcycle & public transport.

The government shall go ahead with the plan of improving public transport & facilities. The drop of this fuel price is not permanent. Its just temporary following the economy slumps by US & other countries. This fuel hike will again increased in the future, government & rakyat shall be prepared for it.

Not to continue more. I would like to suggest several things :

1- Reduce subsidy gradually.

2- Used the global pricing system. Or pack our fuel price accordance to international fuel price with still there's some fixed subsidy to our rakyat. Let say $fuel price - 0.30 subsidy..

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