Mar 9, 2009

Brunei - What they say

I'm in Brunei right now, have to work not far away from home for a while. It is just Brunei. A piece loving land with a great sense of culture. The head of the country is Sultan.

Brunei is more or less the same like Malaysia. But a small scale of Malaysia. Mixed people & culture same like Malaysia. But, I’m surprise on how different it is from Malaysia. Its different the way citizens interact with each other (even sometimes i cannot differentiate who i'm talking too (race)). How they look upon the leaders very high in their society. How they wave their flag proundly on their premises (regardless of the who's the owner).

They use official langguage (Bahasa Melayu) while interacting & at all the sign boards. Even though I think it’s the same, but whenever I tried to talk in their Official Language which is 'Bahasa Melayu' Bruneians fail to understand me. Maybe my slang is quite different.

While I was here I managed to see how the people's unit under one banner. One Ruler & one Sultan. His Majesty is the Ruler & also PM. Under their rich asset which is Oil & Gase.

Due to its relatively small country most of the Newspaper & television relates to Malaysia. Even in Hotel's I can easily change to channel TV1, Tv2 & Tv3. How astro seems to be most of the citizen asset of 'entertainment'. How they know what 'Akademi Fantasia' is & know a lot about Malaysia.

What Bruneians says - Political Issues

A lot Bruneians were quite concern about what's happens in our beloved country. I can see how some Political issue seems to be headline of 'The Brunei Times' newspaper. They’ve been asking me what had happen & what the fiasco is is all about. It’s a laughing stock for them. The funny thing is even the Brunei newspaper regards Nizar as an Ex-MB. At least they acknowledge the Sultan of Perak consent.

Most of them can't believe what had happen especially regarding the treatment by leaders Opposition/ PR & its supporters towards the Sultan. Probably due to what Sultan resembles to them & how they respect them as a Ruler & Head of the Country. Bruneians are really surprise & in shock!

They even say, if it is in Brunei those 'betrayer' will sure get into jail & punished. No question asked! No exception & no delays. They even surprise because those who were against the Sultan were among Malay itself. In Brunei people who is against the Ruler & Sultan is consider 'treason' are given a stiff penalty.

Anyhow, its a peace loving country with very nice people. At least they know how respect the Rulers compared to some of us Malaysian. :)

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