Jul 20, 2009

Chua Jui Meng ~ Bye2 BN & MCA

Its not a surprise when i heard the news Chua Jui Meng left MCA to join PKR. The ex-Minister of Health was a great leader indeed & full of principle. But that was before, it's already History. Now what i can say this person is are just aiming for 'Power'.

CJM claim that he join PKR due to same idealism & vision. Well, WEll, after all these while just suddenly he realise that MCA was not meant for him. Well, that is also right after losing the fight for MCA Presidency early year.

Well, most of the BN leaders don't feel anything on what had happen due to its already predicted. At least it is confirmed that PKR is a party which accepts rejected people within BN. And they join due to frustration because of power & maybe lucrative offer being a 'candidate' in PRU-13.

Same like Zaid Ibrahim. Bravo PKR for being a dumping place for rejected politician.. Oh i forget that was the basic foundation of PKR anyway.. It is registered by frustated people DSAI.. Heheh.. Anyone ELse Want to Join?

p/s: I can bet what i said is true.. I rather join PAS or DAP rather then PKR.. comments


  1. If you push your brain to work a bit or little bit extra, you will notice that the move made by Chua Jui Meng is merely to start a subversive movement towards ensuring Chinese is having additional bullets. For you know, the movement is also consented by MCA and/or Gerakan.

    Take note, when it come on race issue, chinese can be united compare to Malays who like to fight with each others even on issue of Islam or Melayu. In other word, Jaguh Kampung ajerrr...

    Wow! BRAIN DRAIN is just bad.

    Kah kah kah...

  2. Hehhehe.. depa pandai main politik.. kita termain oleh politik.. dlm erti kata lain.. melayu x pandai politik tapi dok ingat pandai..