Jan 1, 2009

Murder of Palestinian by Israeli Force

The world has been shaken again by recent military strike on Gaza soil in recent weeks. Countless air-strikes endlessly attacking Gaza street & lands.
Since then, peoples around the world condemn this attack. By today total of Palestinian died was 390 (24 kids among the dead) & 1900 people wounded. As the body count of the dead Palestinians keeps on growing what is the people’s of the world doing?

Even a statement from U.S representative shows that they are actually blaming Palestinians for the attacks. Any cruelty by Israeli will be reflected to them since they are their closes ally in the Middle East. I cannot wait to see Barack Obama’s new policy & promises to voters which elected him as president.

What about the Arabs nation. They are the closes to Palestine. When their fellow neighbours in jeopardy what do they do to help?

The failure of strict policy by U.S will only turns more moderate Muslims to extremist. More Osama Laden like personnel will emerge whether the world wants it or not.

Malaysian & Politics On this Issue

Sad to hear only 500 people participate in demo against the cruelty of this madness compared to political rally. Are Malaysian more interested in joining political based rally such as “Jerit” & “Hindraf” rather than this caused.

I duly respect Tun on his firm stands on this issue all the while. He’s among the leaders of the world which really against & condemns Israel. Even he is among the figure which Israel really hates due to this.

What about other political leaders? I must say all political quarters should make a statement against this & make events to condemn this.
I would like to see leaders from every different quarter of parties together in a rally to condemns this. Can we? Why cant leaders from PAS, DAP, UMNO, PKR, MCA, MIC & others make a small rally condemning this ?

What Should We Do.

Can we do something about it? Yes, we can. But we are reluctant to do so. We are not willing to sacrifice our lifestyle for the sake of people half way around the world of which we have no common grounds except for our religion

Perhaps we should stop buying Israel products as a protest of Israel's aggressions. Let's start with the persimmons. Government should ban the import of Israel persimmons. Buy from China or other places.

As a Muslim, what I can do is send my prayers & doa’ to those effected & hope that may the gods repay back the blood debts created by the Zionist. I also suggest that in one day all mosques in the world should donate their entire Friday prayers donation just to help Palestine (only one day should help them). Maybe we can start in Malaysians mosque 1st.

It is obligatory on Muslims everywhere to seek peace but not war at any price.

My muslims brothers in GAZA. May Allah helps you on this war upon you.


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