Jun 12, 2008

What the Singaporean Says

I was in Singapore for few days for business purpose. Within that few days I've use 4 Taxi's for travelling purposes. Most of the time i will take that opportunity to let say talk a.k.a interview them regarding any issues.

Among the words that still in my mind are..

Taxi 1 (Airport-Hotel)
Fuel & Malaysia:-
- "Malaysian are being pampered to much, its about time malaysian government rid this subsidy. Only the rich people benefit with the subsidy"
- "Abdullah is not as smart as Mahathir. He is a burden to the country"
Opposition Singapore declare bankcrupt & Singapore story:-
- "Malaysia is lucky. At least they have strong opposition. In Singapore u will die if u become the opposition. Because the Lee family wont give you face. We also want opposition. But who can fight? , All declare bankcrupt. They will find fault in you untill u die."
- "I cannot say that Lee is smart. Its quite easy to manage Singapore because its small. Try let him rule state of Johor. It will be difficult for him."

Taxi2 (Hotel-Workplace)
Fuel :-
- "All political party is the same. Its a global effect nothing that malaysian government can do. Just that is it unpopular choice. What choice do they have. I think if the opposition rule also will be the same. Even here is also expensive. We taxi driver also dont dare to increase the price. We have to live with it or face the consequences.
Singapore Country:
-"Singapore is a Law country. Nobody fight. Or dare to fight because you might end up bankcrupt. No point. Just live with it".
-"Singapore is really smart. They always plans 10 year ahead. Do you know that fuel we bought 10 years in advance. It means that fuel now is actually the price purchase 10 years back.
Singapore plan 10 years in advance. In everything & anything."

Taxi 3 - (Workplace to Airport)
Fuel story :-
- "Why need subsidy, only the rich will use it largely. The poor does not benefit from it. Same like singapore.
Their opposition being declare bankrupt story :-
-"That guy is stupid. He know the government control everything why he try to fight. Its like throwing an egg to a rock. You cannot win. Even if u rich also will be declare bankcrupt if he tries to fight.
Singaporean & Government :-
-"Singaporean are very sellfish ppl. They dont care about others when they are rich. As long as they can live happily.
-"You are lucky to live in Malaysia. In singapore we work till we die. Example are like puchasing a apartment. You take loan for 30yrs for 200k apartment. And then after 20yrs the government will say that they want to demolish the house. At that time you still have money owing the goverment yet u need to buy a new house which wil cost you maybe 250k-300k.. You will end up living thru your entire life living to pay your debts. It never stops."
-"Taxi driver do not have EPF (i cant remember the term in singapore). So we need to really safe money"

Taxi 4 - (KLIA-House)
- "Itu demo tadak bagusla. Akan bg perspektif tak baik utk negara. Teksi effect jugak. Tapi itu naik minyak juga is to drastic. Mmg itu dunia harga minyak sudah naik. Ini teksi tak effect sgt. Sbb kita pakai NGV. Sekali isi penuh dalam 120km & RM 7-8.
Saya punya abg pun mau beli motor. Mmg org malaysia hidup mewah & senang. Jadi mmg terasa la itu minyak naik. Apa bole buat".
- "Sammy velu punya kawasan sebenarnya dia jaga betul2. Sudah ada university sudah ada kemajuan. Tapi dia silap. Dia ckp besar "Tentera turun pun takdak takut". Jadi semua org benci sama BN. Dia harap itu postal vote. Tapi semua tarak turun. Semua turun bangsar & Rembau. "
- "Kerajaan sama saja BN or PR. Itu janji2 pun tadak tunai. Rakyat pun bukan bodo. Boleh pikir." comments

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  1. Nice comments,

    To the Singapore taxi's driver...
    Feel sorry, u stay at Singapore not MALAYSIA.

    We are lucky to live in Malaysia!