Nov 26, 2009

Who will help us? Flood Victims in Malaysia

Malaysians are very humble & really like to help people. Where ever there was a disaster somewhere around the world, we're normally among the 1st who create a 'fund' for victims of the unfortunate. I applause such kind act of Malaysian who is really passionate to help victims around the world.

Among the funds being created was :-
- Tsunami 2002 victims fund
- China earthquake fund
- Recent Indonesia earthquake fund 'Padang area'
- Philipines flood funds "Ketsana typhoon"

The above was among the funds created to help those effected by the disaster. Millions of RM pours to all the effected area.

Despite all this, one thing for sure are we're not so keen to help our fellow Malaysian that were effected by disaster. We're so slow responding to help fellow Malaysians. We rely entirely to the government to help wether it is state or federal govenrment. As of now, there're no effort by NSTP, Utusan, The Star, Maybank or any agency or private companies to create this funds. It is opposite of what we've seen before compare to funds that i've highlighted before.

As of now, nobody in the papers or community step up to say "Fellow Malaysian, we've created Flood Funds for the unfortunate people in our Country up North. Please donate so that we can ease their pain."

For us its just another news in the newspaper. "FLOOD". We just read it or glance through it & just ignore the suffering of our own brothers & sisters up north.

Let us think why we are so cruel to our own people but kind to others?


  1. Anak di hutan disusukan, kera di rumah kelaparan.

    Sesuai sangat statement tu utk org 1Malaysia yg buta perut.

    Now Anak Langkawi is talking...

    Kah kah kah!!!...

    Salam Aidil Adha

  2. Salam,

    1. Betul kata Orang Tanjung. Kita lebih sayangkan Kera dari anak sendiri. Kita sebenarnya hipokrit, sombong dan pentingkan diri sendiri.

    2. Jelas, segala pertolongan dan bantuan daripada NGO-NGO terhadap mangsa bencana di luar negeri hanya sekadar untuk bermegah-megah, beriadah dan melancong atas keringat orang lain.

    3. Namun pada hakikatnya, di dalam negeri sendiri kita berasa bantuan secara melepaskan batuk di tangga itu lebih baik daripada tidak berbuat apa-apa pun....

  3. MMg cek amat sedih tgk keadaan ni..

    Tak sangka kita ni kira lebih teruk dr kera..heheh..