May 14, 2013

MySinChew Cartoon on Malaysian 13th GE Situation - BN & PR begging for Chinese Votes ? (This is what Najib refers to when alligation towards Utusan!)

On the 3rd of May, published this cartoon clearly implying that the Chinese community here in Malaysia have indeed become the kingmakers when it comes to deciding who gets to lead in our local politics?

The cartoon has since been removed by the online news portal with a notice that they had published the cartoon only to reflect the observation of certain quarters as to how things were being perceived during the 13th Malaysian GE which has just proven what the said cartoon depicted!

The results of the 13th GE saw the majority of the Malaysian Chinese community throw their support towards the DAP, Malaysia's main opposition Chinese led chauvinistic Democratic Action Party or whom I refer to as the Demons After Power here in this Malay heartland.

You can right click on the screenshot above to view their notice in a new window to read it more clearly.

The wordings are :

'We refer to our the cartoon published on 3 May 2013 which depicts character representing PR and BN, both trying to win over Chinese voters.

The said cartoon was only published to reflect the observation of certain quarters during the elections, it was not our intention to promote ill-will or cause hostility among any persons.

We regret for any misunderstanding or inconvenience caused. The said cartoon has been removed from our sites.'

Full article here..

AL :- 
Its is in fact at no doubt that Sin Chew plays with fire as well. In-sensitive cartoon will hurts the majority of Malays & Pribumi's. Accusation towards Utusan alone being racist is un-fair! Utusan just asking a question! What else Chinese Wants? Why there's no statement towards Sin Chew by DAP LKS or even Anwar. It right when Najib said 'Is chinese news Paper' not being racist?? Of is it since they say sorry its forgive & forget!?

The statement of Sin Chew apologize to the public is still there.. You can refer here.. Sin

Enough Said!! Like a malay proverb said "Terlajak perahu boleh undur, terlajak kata badan binasa" comments