May 13, 2013

Forgive & forget? Worrying trend of PR supporters

It very disturbing to see such un-patriotic act by fellow citizens of Malaysia. Yesterday there's another shock when we heard the news of 21 Malaysian detained by Singapore cops by doing a 'illegal' rally to protest result of GE-13.

We must start national unity but it need to start at the lowest level which is at school. The picture of Taiwan Malaysia Uni student shows how deep the effect of hatred political campaign. The picture circulated around the net & majority of the malaysia are not happy with it.

We have Namawee case. We have Johor Chinese teacher case. We have case of a Surau been thrown red paint. All these case has been close just based on a simple sorry. The time has come to put a stop to this. Because simple sorry will just be an excuse for another person to repeat the insensitive act again. 

I think we have a law to cater this! Start looking at it & take the case seriously.. Because if its not contained well,it will lead to Another bigger problem.. As for the case of Malaysian who breaks the law in Singapore. I urge Malaysia authority not to interfere with Singapore Law as Malaysia has taken the same steps not to allow a Senator of Australia to come to Malaysia.. 

As for the Taiwan Uni Student case! We shall not forgive & forget!! Enough is enough!