May 20, 2013

Applause MCA & GERAKAN not to take any POST in Government!

I agree on the fact that MCA should not take any position in any post in BN Lead Government Cabinet or local council due to its poor performance. Why? If you serve the people but no one appreciate what you did. Then there is no point on serving the people. This also applicable to Gerakan or any BN Component Party which represent Chinese Community.

There's been saying that the Chinese or Malaysian vote representative based on values not based on race. What values? Do you think that the lost of Ali Rustam to a novice to PKR Che gu Bard guy means that his values is better than Ali Rustam. Dato Seri Ali Rustam is the man that brings Melaka to its highest peak at the moment. The voting trends was quiet worrying. Since the election or votes was not based on merits or so call values. But it was based solely on the Party. Which is DAP & PR. Racist based on party!

Why Chinese is worried about MCA not having a representative in Government. Chinese always have DAP to turn to? I thought that DAP has the credential & 'values' to help Chinese community & other races. DAP is a multiracial Party what? So why make a huge cry about it?

I don't agree on the assumption or saying that voters in Urban choose to vote PR. Because, there're some cased where Urban area won by BN.  

MCA & Gerakan need to face the fact that 80-90% of Chinese not voting for them anymore. So why bother serve the community which dont want you as representative. Even MCA & Gerakan member also not voting for them?

It's like in Malay saying, "Hidung tak Mancung, pipi terserong-serong". Rest-lah & gather your strength. Maybe you need extreme approach like DAP. No more mister Nice GUy!