Aug 28, 2009

Kenapa Melayu Mundur ~ Revivalism Through Entrepreneurship P1

The Malay Race has never been really united. Even the common bondage of Islam could not unify them, not that Islam does not call for unity, but the Malays themselves have attitudinal problems which are not conductive to unity. There are some cultural aspects & attitudes of the Malays that do not bode well for Malay unity. Malay jealousy of other Malays attainment & achievement has been deep-rooted.

The culture of fitnah memfitnah (false accusations) is still being practiced & the tendency of Malays to bicker among themselves often on political & religios issue, are still prevalent. Sadly it is due to some of these 'cultural malignat' that the Malays induced themselves to be divided. In the course of history, colonialism had denied unity though devide & rule policy, even among Malays. Cultural, ethnic & religious differences to contribute to Malay diversity & disunity. Malay politics had made it worse.

The only common denominator is that they are the poor lot in their own country. With unity undbridged & poverty at their corridor the writing is on the wall for the Malays to come close in creating their own diaspora. Malay economic achinevement is almost hollow. Thier politics is on borrowed patronage of the non-Malays & waiting for the last call. Their political dominance is theoretical to the political reality of the day & yet the Malays still remain unconcerned.

It does appear pessimistic but isn't self-critism necessary for improvement & self-development? The Malays must look into the mirror & face the reality, not pretend or make believe that everything is fine. As Muslims the Malays are confronted with the new hostility from the West & the threats from the region.

Internal threats for potential disunity & conflict among the major races & intraracial conflicts could occur given the scenario on the delicate race relations & increasing racial polarization that are presently observed.


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