Apr 13, 2009

KPI Ministry - A sign Of Change - "ONe MalaysIA"

Its great to know that the government step forward creating a new Minister which monitor the KPI's of the government servant & government's department especially the newly appointed Ministers.

A great line up & I must say the best so far for the past 5 Years. Well, maybe some people critics here & there but as it seems it’s a good start. As always, the opposition will always critics the new line up. :) It’s quite funny though thinking the new cabinet was just been appointed but critics already come for supporters of the opposition & the leaders themselves. Why do I say funny?

It's the same people asking to give them a chance when they were appointed into the office a year back. But when it comes to their opponent its not exceptional. Walk the talk man. Shame on you! Don’t be bias. Give Najib's cabinet the chance & settle your own state government problem(there are quite a lot of issues pending by the way). Pointing finger does not help the people anyway.

Some ministry been establish, abolish & some ministry combined to more effective. Great to hear that DSN were asking people for comments & suggestion on the new cabinet line-up. It’s great to have such leaders asking people suggestion. Never in the history of Malaysia a political leader or Prime Minister asking people for suggestion.

I will not comment on dropped leaders & not appointed one. Hehe.. I only wish those who is not appointed, please help the current government leaders & not by talking otherwise which will show your true power hunger attitude. I can see now the approach is not entirely based on state representative or BN component representative. It’s merely based on capability of people & also ones which can suite the purpose.

Just some suggestion i would like to highlight:-

- I suggest the Minister who will monitor the KPI of the department shall appoint an independent watchdog to monitor the performance based on a guideline given. This Watchdog shall be independent body which will make a report on quarterly basis or whichever fits the purpose.

-Another suggestion is KPI Minister shall appoint a group of auditor within the existing ministry. These auditors shall be gathered as a group & shall carry out audit on different ministry department.

Example: - If we want to audit purchasing / account department in agriculture.
Gather a bunch of internal auditor from:-
Accounts department of (Defence, Home Ministry & Education)
So by having that, auditor can detect internal flaws & results given to their respective Pengarah for improvement. At the same time we can capture corruption or flaws in the respective department.

Anyway, great line up & hope that all Malaysian supports the government in a fight against the economic crisis.



  1. Salam hormat...

    As an addition to your suggestion, I would propose the list of KPI of all ministers be made known to public.

    Let public evaluate their performance themselves on top of the one done by Koh Soo Kun in creating fairness.

    I'm pretty sure the result of evaluation done by this Gerakan Chief won't reflect the actual performance.

    Pissttt, pissttt! Bukan apa, nak bagi elokkk...


    p/s: how many of you really understand what is the KPI?

  2. Sang tuba..
    Great suggestion..
    By the way.. i would like to suggest the implimentation of the "Key Performance Indeks" (KPI) shall be extended to MB's & other pengarah of Kementerian..

    p/S: also hope that the opposition leader shall adopt the same systems..