Sep 2, 2009

Malays 'Point of No Return' ~ Revivalism Through Entrepreneurship P2

Many things have been said & suggestions offered on the remedies for the various problems & issues raised with the respect to the Malays. The Malays are saved by their numbers, at least temporarily, by being the majority race. The fate of the minority Malays in Singapore has to be pondered by Malays elsewhere.

Can the Malays for once understand the 'big picture' posed in front of them & the thin line between them & the oncoming disaster? Once the Malays lose their grip on political power, that will be the end of the Malay world. It will be the point of no return.

Malay survival is not only dependent on Malay unity but also on Malay economic strength & development of a large base of Malay professionals & technological class. The pursuit of human resource development, in professional & educational fields, among Malays must be pursued with commitment & vigour. There should not be double standards among Malays in implementing the Malay rights.

The emphasis should not just be building a Malay entrepreneurial class but also an equally larger based of Malay professionals & technocrats to gear Malays as a progressive technological & commercial society.

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