Jun 13, 2013

Aftermath PRu-13 Mca & Najib

I must say that among the stupidest manifesto is as per below & above. A vote to DAP is like a vote to Pas. Come on.. I dont think chinese is so afraid of Pas? Look at the recent result of PRU. The manifesto is like a laughing stock by Malaysian.

Of course BN-MCA need to look back of what they represent. Is it talks about no business, no tourist trade as such as a good reason to get vote? How silly. The attempt to get the voters afraid of PAS is in the past. 

In fact i think the voters already know that who is the boss compared between PAS & DAP. Mca should has been at attacking mode & talk about how Chinese will not have any representative if they loose. But they dont talk about it nor promote it because MCA was not serious when talking about not holding any post.

MCA should swallow its own words. The fact they are waiting for another EGM or meeting to reverse the verdict is just sickening. How no integrity at all.. Give DAP chance to contribute to the people.

Another manifesto which caught my attention was 'dont be fool again'. Haha.. So now Najib should know who is been fool. Gala dinner been attend by up to thousands of Chinese voters. They give food they eat. Give money just take. Call Gangnam they're happy.. But give votes NO WAY!

Being in the offive the second time, Najib should have learn the lesson. Its very easy for PR to win the next election. Just futher breakup Malay & Bumi votes.. They will wih nxt election in deed. So rather than Najib stay or try & use all the country resources to get Chinese votes, its better to concentrate the ones who is loyal & give you this mandate.

Well study the statistic & fact right Dato' Najib & think forward.